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To be fair to Stephen Twigg, @nottarf-krap - he has got back to me, although he hasn’t provided a public reply. That said, he _has _been retweeting people condemning the violence. He does not agree with the LFI statement. Sensing an opportunity, I sent him a very conciliatory message imploring him to do more.

This, btw, is a fantastic tweet.




Very carefully worded though -

A welcome response, but could / should (?) have gone much further in his condemnation of Israeli actions but didn’t.

No mention of LFI, tellingly.

6/10 imho




Yeah but RT right?





I’m sorry, but why isn’t the UK Government (and the West) not condemning Israel?

I get that Israelis need a homeland, but they aren’t doing themselves any favours and if this carries on and escalates they’ll find themselves out on their arses once more - assuming they don’t nuke themselves and the Middle East



Another chapter in my love/hate relationship with Andrew Neil.






Fuck. Is that for real ?!! Horrendous.

I assume there’ll be international condemnation and sanctions against Israel ?

Oh, wait, I forgot; they’re the teflon “nation”


Made up, but closer to the truth than any western media dare to print.

The IDF explained.

“I could see the whites of the baby’s eyes and hear her terrifying cries, and I knew it was either her or me. And this wasn’t some newborn infant, you know? This was a baby who could probably sit up independently.


OK, Devil’s advocate here, but there’s not really any beating up there. Maybe they’re just trying to get the medics to hurry up to get them out of the line of fire. Surely if they were that bad they would be head shotting the wounded!!


Adult Unit #1 was home for a night this week. As some will recall, despite being as loud as her old man on most things, she has been something of a fencesitter when it has come to some political issues. She was happy enough to support Corbyn, for example, but unlike her dad, wasn’t happy to barrel into those among our own lot looking to derail the project.

Israel was another one of those issues where she sat on the fence. Not anymore. The last couple of weeks have been her moment. She is appalled at what happened to the Palestinians, and what happens to those that speak in favour of them.

I think we all do have that moment. I’m sure I am not alone in having felt once broadly supportive toward the Israelis, sometime back in the mists of time. My moment really was the 2014 incursion into Gaza. We’d already lost a friend, early in that year, in a gun and bomb attack in Kabul. He had been director of LFPME for a couple of years, an organisation which got fraction of the funding and political support that Labour Friends of Israel. Instead of taking MPs on well-oiled happy path junkets to Israel, that dude ran marathons in Bethlehem to raise money for Palestinians.

This is a country that has insisted that the Palestinians need to give up arms to return to the negotiating table, which more than anything else, they don’t. When boycotting campaigns are established, the lobbying arm of this country has decried such action as anti-semitic, using its influence here to legally prevent councils from joining BDS. When a non-violent protest is organised on the 70th anniversary, live rounds kill or injure over 2.7k people. Ports and roads are blockaded.

Israel is a country doing its level best to prevent Palestinians from having any kind of out. The problem with playing devil’s advocate, @btripz , is that you really are advocating for some truly devilish conduct.


When anyone mentions Gaza i always think of this.

And just a reminder of the sanctity of innocent children.


They shot Ronaldo for playing football.

Anyone want to defend them?


Long but excellent piece from the Guardian here.


Totally agree with you Pap :lou_smiley: I just think, taken in isolation, that video isn’t what it is purported to be!


My muslim mates are hating the fact thet they have more than 1 mother in law

Just saying like


You’re looking for this kind of thing @btripz

Only fair to show the other sides view.


Not paticularly thanks, I don’t need to go looking for that sort of shit to know it goes on…