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And Netanyahu stood on that podium this afternoon, smirking, and declared that today was “a glorious day”. If any other nation were committing this massacre there would be uproar, the International community and the UN would step in. But Israel can do exactly what it likes. Pretty much silence from UK politicians, a mealy mouthed statement from the PM mumbling something about restraint must be shown. I really hope Corbyn has not been so cowed by the Ant-Semite bullshit that he doesn’t respond to the outrage robustly. Fuck the Board of Deputies. I have just watched a video someone posted in The Guardian which shows Israeli snipers firing at medical first responders and medics, stopping them treating the injured. Clearly marked as medics. Two have been shot so far, one who died. The death toll is now over 50 and is expected to rise sharply. More than 2,000 injured, all but a handful of them by live fire. The Israeli snipers are 200 metres away so are under no threat. They are just picking their victims off, a whooping and a hollerin as they do so. A video game or a turkey shoot to them.

In 2017 our government approved 216 million pounds worth of arms sales to Israel, including sniper rifles. Like it or not, we are complicit in this.



Absolutely fucking disgusting.

The only good to have come out of this is that the mask has well and truly slipped on groups like Labour Friends of Israel. It should not have taken the massacre of over 50 Palestinian protesters, including children, for this to have happened.


The numbers from today’s “clash”. Copied figures from the Murray comments.

52 murdered, 6 below age 18.

2,400 maliciously wounded.

200 below the age 18.

78 women.

11 journalists.

All on one side. Sounds more like murder than any kind of “clash”. They shot nearly 2500 people(think about that number), for no reply(now think about that number again). This violent confrontation seems completely one sided and deliberate murder.

Wonder how long it will take our press to work that out?


That needs a bigger audience than Sotonians.

Mind if I repurpose your words for social media?


Check the numbers first. I copied but didn’t verify.

Apart from that, more than happy. People need know and our media distort so much.


The mask may well have slipped on LFI Pap, but you and i both know that they are untouchable. If any attempt is made to hold them to account for this disgraceful statement, discipline them, we all know what will happen. Immediately the cry will go up,’ Anti-Semitism. These people have no place in the Labour Party, or any Party for that matter, their first allegiance is, and always will be, to the State of Israel, a foreign power. Just pointing this out makes you an Anti-Semite by the Holocaust industry. Sooner or later, Corbyn has to bite the bullet and take them on. Otherwise he will be forever apologising and bending the knee to them. He cannot allow this foreign state to set the Labour Party agenda on foreign policy in the Middle East. Which of course is the sole purpose of LFI and the CFI. He will never appease them, he should stop trying. Take them on.


I’m not being flippant here but you could have someone’s eye out with one of those. The problem is because of that they’ll use it as an excuse for the lethal force they’ve used today.

The Israeli Govt will use any excuse to justify their actions, while the rest of the western world are too frightened of being labelled as anti-Semitic if they condemn the Israeli murder of people only wanting their land and homes back.

I’m off outside to impotently shout at a cloud.

Edit: Oh, have a look at the comments on that post/tweet on Twatter…



The Palestinians live under a near constant state of overt provocation, whether it is checkpoints, settlements springing up on the roads around them. The US moving its embassy to Jerusalem is a huge provocation, which every President since 1995, when the policy was announced, has swerved, apart from Trump.

If there is a government that has sway over him, it’s not the Russians. On deeds alone, you’d have to say it was the Israeli administration. This move wasn’t entirely for them. A large motivating factor was Trump’s base, many of whom are evangelical Christians looking to kick off the end times. He’ll no doubt have pleased his Muslim hatin’ demographic too, although admittedly, that may well intersect with the evangelical Christians.

The reality is that the Palestinians who were massacred today will probably achieve far more for their people by dying than they ever could have done by living, as much as those that knew and loved them would vehemently disagree with me. Most of the world will be outraged by this, even if we do not get to see that in our Anglo-American media bubble.

The tragedy is that this was entirely predictable, and therefore avoidable. The world knew it was a massive provocation the minute it was announced, an idea of deadly stupidity, and one that would inflame tensions instead of soothe them.

Every empire goes into decline. You look at Trump and wonder if this is the beginning of the end for the US’ majestic period of dominance, all 29 years of it (and oh my, how they’ve used that well!).

This wasn’t a stupid decision for him personally; it makes perfect sense, but by fuck, won’t it create problems down the line, not least for the US itself.


Burning some bridges today. Worse has been done in the past 24 hours.



Not sure Corbyn can take them on without the Anti Semitism thing being thrown at him, it is still too current.

he blew it by not stomping on it when it raised its head several years ago. He should have implemented the Chakrabati report in full straight away. But he has dithered and now he is buggered.


I was listening to both Israeli and Palestinian spokespeople today on the radio. They were totally at odds; poles apart. The whole thing seems totally intractable. The Israelis won’t give an inch and the Palestinians will remain seething in their prison. It sounded to me like the two sides will never reach any kind of lasting agreement.

Interestingly, there was a guy on the radio talking about a euphemism the Israelis have for when they have to suppress demonstrations through lethal force. Apparently, they call it ‘mowing the grass’. Grim stuff indeed.


Perhaps the Israeli stance is to keep their selected culling ahead of the Gaza birthrate, thus creating a solution to an intractable problem.


I hope you get a reply Pap, though Twigg is a supporter of LFI so i’m sure it will be a few weasel words. Still no statement of condemnation from Jeremy Corbyn, so it looks as if the tactics of the Israel firsters has worked. Very sad.

I see an eight month old baby girl is the latest victim of the Zionazis, tear gassed in the tent she calls home in the concentration camp that is the Gaza Strip. Since 2000 the ‘most moral army in the world’ have killed 2,177 Palestinian children. I wonder what the likes of John Mann, Ruth Smeeth, Maureen Lipman and the rest of the Israel apologists have to say about that?

The United States has blocked the adoption of a UN Security Council statement that called for an “independent and transparent investigation” into Israel’s killing of Palestinian protestors on the Gaza border. Stating that every country has the right to ‘defend their border’. Does this right extend to Syria? Fucking hypocrites. God’s chosen people indeed, if that is the case then God is a cunt.


@nottarf-krap Corbyn has made a statement condemning this. He did so yesterday.

Otherwise pretty much agree with you on this.


Thanks for that Intiniki, i didn’t see it reported anywhere. Emily Thornberry was very good in the HOC today i thought. The Tory spokesman called for restraint on both sides, giving the impression that somehow this is an even contest between Israel and the Palestinians. Men, women and children were shot in the back yesterday when they were 200 yards away from the border fence. How they were a threat to Israeli military snipers is beyond me. A predictable silence from the likes of Maureen Lipman and co today. No surprise there.


Israeli’s acting like cunts… Empowered to do so by years of US backing to flagrantly ignore UN resolution after resolution… ironically the US have dropped serious hardware on countries for less…


At the UN Security Council meeting this afternoon the US ambassador, Nikki Haley, praised Israel for showing restraint. “No country in this chamber would act with more restraint than Israel has,” Haley said. She then left the room when Palestine’s permanent observer began his address. By her words and actions she is showing utter contempt for world opinion.It is pointless arguing with The US and Israel anymore, they simply don’t give a damn. Time for civilised countries to stop acting as vassal states of the US and Israel, cut them loose. In an interview on Belgian television Israel’s ambassador, Simona Frankel said the deceased are terrorists, 55 terrorists. Including the eight month old baby presumably. These people are monsters, and when push comes to shove they take this country’s support for granted. Shameful.


I couldn’t readily see it on the organ of the Government the BBC earlier. Nothing about condemning LFI either.

Probably missed it amongst the “Royal” wedding and New Look “fat tax” stories.