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Cunts always take advantage

You cannot paint 99% of Israelis with the same brush as the 1 % of settler cunts in the same way as you cannot paint 99% of Palestinians with the same brush as the 1 % of Hamas cunts

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“… providing war effort with greater legitimacy…”





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I’m not a violent man but it has to be said he has got a face you would never get tired of punching.


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Which is why it is called out as The State of, not The People of.
West Bank murderers and land thieves would not exist if The State enforced the law of the State let alone the law of Humanity.
Netanyahu’s rhetoric encouraged the extremists and here we are


Notably quiet on this thread, no posts for three days.

So, things must have calmed down on the issue, eh? :+1::+1:


Just waiting for the grand unveiling of the Hamas nerve center in the hospital. It is there right?


Also looking forward to Bellingcat’s in depth examination of information coming out of Gaza. They will be all over it right?


Joe Biden conveniently telling us all that the USA have ‘Intelligence’ of a Hamas nerve centre at the hospital. But of course they can’t give us any evidence, oh no. Meanwhile a Norwegian surgeon who has been working there for a couple of years, a French doctor from Medecins Sans Frontieres who has also been working there both say it’s nonsense, ‘they have seen no sign whatsoever of Hamas activity in the hospital, and there is no way this could be happening without them knowing’. I know who I believe, and it’s certainly not the evil fascist Netanyahu or the USA, who interestingly I read yesterday were reported as saying they did not “authorise” the IDF attack on Al-Shifa hospital. Authorise? Hmm! And of course the leaders of both our main political parties are in lock step and terrified of allowing any deviation from our poodle status.


Spent the week embedded in the Jewish side of the family.
I made the mistake of making a comment.
That needs a long post with a proper keyboard.

Suffice to say, Hamas/Iran is/are currently winning.
But equally of course they built all their critical infrastructure underneath “human shields” they really aren’t stupid

I doubt Joe Biden can remember the last time he went for a shit.


Errrm…. even a respected BBC correspondent seems to be questioning it

Did they really?

The fog of war is sending out a lot of unverified information/ propaganda imho

Actually taking a balanced view I do believe they have.
No evidence, obviously nothing in the MSM but simply logic.
Because, tbh IF I was a leader of an organisation involved in a war that will probably never end, that’s the kind of thing I would do
And no, don’t come back with the “Geneva Convention” stuff neither side is nor has got close to that. And yes I have visited camps and had good Palestinian friends.

Equally I have a Grandson who played football on Sundays.
Until a parent of an opposition player had to take his kid home for screaming that Hamas should have killed all of them as well.
In Essex, 2 weeks ago

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As I’ve said before, I know very little about the historical background to this. But logically, why else would Hamas stage the assault they did, in the manner they chose, and with the quite astoundingly inflammatory behaviour afterwards of parading the naked corpses of it’s female victims through the streets, clearly calculated to provoke a vicious response from the Israelis, if they hadn’t planned to produce victim status in the inevitable aftermath? And if one accepts that, doesn’t it seem likely that they’d have deliberately positioned civilians in exactly the way it’s being claimed? Let’s face it, they can’t have carried out the attack in the expectation that the Israelis would simply surrender, so it follows that they must have had some other motive.

No, that’s not a balanced view.

It would be worth spending some time reading about the geopolitical situation- I don’t condone what Hamas did, but neither do I condone the IDF ongoing response.

So from the BBC

  1. The Israeli military has released footage which it says shows a “55m-long terror tunnel, 10m deep underneath” al-Shifa hospital
  2. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) say the footage “clearly proves that numerous buildings in the hospital’s complex are used by Hamas as cover for terrorist activities”
  3. Hamas has repeatedly denied these allegations - as have medical staff working at Gaza City’s largest hospital

Pretty thin justification isn’t it?

Worth reading this from a respected journalist