🤞 Hughes next for the sack?

:crossed_fingers: Hughes next for the sack?


I want us to win. I will be there. Fuck it’s about time, and yes we are playing like shit, but I have only ever wanted us to lose once (Branfoot’s last game) and I am nowhere near that state, thankfully.


And cheap.


Well that rules out Fat’‘showmesocashandwewilldeewhatwecando’'Sam… Moyes will be cheap as desperate…



I dunno. Moyes seems to be getting plenty of cash from extras work in The Walking Dead.

He’s got it in his contract that the less time he spends in makeup, the more he gets paid.

The wee boy is coining it in.


Raphaël Wicky left Basel in July. I don’t think he’s gone anywhere else yet and he was Elyounoussi’s last manager(played well for him).
He’s also a perfect Saints manager. Plays 4-2-3-1 and going on these comments from when he left Basel, he’s made for the job.

“Clubs in disarray right now. Players sold have not been adequately replaced and the new upper management experiment seems to be failing.”

“Imho the coach was part of the problem, but the mentallity of the players and the squad itself was and is a problem too. We sold half of our starting eleven since last winter (Vaclik, Akanji, Steffen, Elyounoussi, Lang) and didn‘t reall replace them with quality. We haven‘t dominated an opponent or even a streak of opponents in a very long time. We lack creativity, players that care, players that are young, wild and hungry or a competent striker, that can score a goal without a real chance if needed and doesn‘t miss crucial chances.”

" It is my understanding when they replaced the upper internal management there was a strong focus on purely utilising home-grown talent and players in the youth system."

“The shitshow continues.”

All comments from Basel Sanchez©


Sorry, thought you were quoting their current clubs. Wicky seems alright from my 5 second look at his wikipedia page. Might be good enough to keep us up, but also if we do go down but show some fight he might be worth keeping on.


My knowledge is about the same. Did have a quick read about how they set up, so i’d like Marcelo Gallardo, but he seems destined for bigger things. Our only hope would be if he wanted an PL intro, which would mean 2 years, then bye. Compensation and wages as well make it as good as impossible.
If the club rate Wicky might as well do it soon.


For once I would like us to be brave. Not a slave to the Premier league cash… but ‘invest in a longer term future’ by seeking someone who is looking to build something, not ‘save’ a season… we had that with Poch, and whilst its fashionable to say he’s some sort of JudusmapofT, reality is we most likely failed to deliver on what he was promise re players NOT leaving etc…

What we lack is someone who has the owners full trust to drive the club forward… we had that with Marcus and Nico… Many still seem to think he was all cunt and spew out he was ;only good spending someone else money’… but forget it was HIS job to spend that money and deliver the success that investment demanded… many seem to hold up Cowman having more success to illustrate Nics average ness… when IMHO the reality is that success in a season has its roots in the development and investment 2-3 seasons ago… from a spirit and a team ethic as well as the continuity it brings… Cowmans success was built by Posh… and Nic

The question we need to ask is what our owners really want (not that we can do anything about it) but we would hope they do indeed want consistency an relative success… If that were the case, survival would not be the only desire… but a bigger picture is the longer term success build with management and players that develop a real affinity for the club…Howe is after all still at Bournemouth… and that is what I mean… they have an identity and spirt, like we did with Marcus, Adkins, Poch, and our Nepoleon…

Given me ‘nastynico’ spending Chinese cash on incremental gains and stubborn vision any day, over 'survival playing like a heap of dull smudgy shit


Build what, players want to go and we love to sell, its bollocks yet the clubs try to sell us something, most would still go regardless, I would if I lived in Southampton.


Uhmm - think its more to do with a kind of bastardisation of the Sisyphus legend- not an interpretation of the futility, but a recognition that things in life should never be all about reaching the top, but about the pushing…

… settling for prem survival is simply propping up the rock with chocks and putting your feet up… sadly a load of football fans happy with that… like thinking an Austin Princess is OK…


Wake me up when it’s all over.


Oh its definately about the pushing :lou_is_a_flirt:


You want someone, different and exciting?
Well here’s a left-field suggestion :wink:


You think the board genuinely think about pushing on rather than the dividend? You’re naive, they want to stay like nearly all on the gravy train by the minimum amount.
It’s s business, they’ll say shit and I certainly don’t believe them, we’re Southampton and that’ll never change.


Bazza darling… you did not really read the post did you sweetheart? I said exactly that I just would ‘like’ us to be brave and different and focussed on other things… not that i believed it would happen, yet the irony is that I think this step would probably yield a better position long term… but no one is willing to take that risk… so we will be like many other clubs and grab some old twat on the gravy train to hold onto a prem position at all costs, irrespective of the shit that is served up as a result… and its why Football fans are fundamentally stupid, because they keep splashing out their cash to be ‘entertained’ even when its poor… and that is why owners tend not to give a fuck… Only the clubs at the top never in danger of relegation can afford the luxury of worrying about style and quality… all I was saying was I wish it were not so…


Here we go a doubleact replacement if things go tits up at the weekend









If roy fucking keane gets any sort of role at Southampton FC I will support Portsmouth until he leaves. I hate that cunt with a passion I usually reserve for child sex traffickers.