🤞 Hughes next for the sack?

:crossed_fingers: Hughes next for the sack?


We’ve spunked out money or its gone into dividends, is there any way to find out? One thing is for sure the club is a broken model and run on arrogance and ignorance.


Ffs Barry it’s a capitalist business not some sort of socialist co-operative or a charity. It’s there to make shareholder profits.

What bit of it don’t you understand.


The bit where it used to be a football club that ploughed profits into investment.

Basically, every one in a leadership or ownership position needs sacking or removing. It’s a shitshow.


Ok then then, we are allowed to boo, protest and withdraw support if the business model is not to our liking?


Are you going to boo at your laptop?


You’re never there so it won’t make any difference will it.


Well, go buy some shares and get in there.


Who’d buy shares in Saints now?

Maybe in a couple of seasons time, when we’ve been relegated twice and are being bought out by somebody that actually has a clue.

Now? It’s throwing good money after bad. I am sure Les has been well remunerated for the shit job he has done.



I hate to agree with Baz, but we won’t go for any of these. We haven’t prised a manager away from their current club since Adkins, and I don’t remember the last one we did that before him.We’ll go for someone currently out of work.


We’re a business and Worldwide fans are our aim, my merch is far more important than local fans, they don’t matter at all…


As I said before it’s a money making business. Are you agreeing with me now?


I’m assuming you won’t be investing in a few seasons time then?



Making money and rewarding failure are two vastly different things, we don’t make money, we’re given tv money which makes us viable but reliant on it.
Its built on sand,

Academy- Gamble
Moneyball buys to sell - Gamble

They haven’t even given us a statement of intent, the club is a shambles.
Business? Its a fucking sham.



So are shite memes.



People are too proud, its ok, its ok…


Why bother following them if all you do is always look at the negative side of things (I’m not saying be positive btw that’s another argument) and always spread doom and gloom