🤞 Hughes next for the sack?

:crossed_fingers: Hughes next for the sack?


I’ll take that as a no then?


Sorry for sitting on the fence. On balance, all things considered, so to speak as it were, if pressed for a direct answer, I’d say it’s a marginal no from me.


Russ Abott would change the atmosphere and we’d have a party.


We should have got the teams manager we’re playing a month ago, we’ll hook up with Alladyce or Bruce next week no doubt…



Funny you haven’t mentioned him before. Alan Pardew was your suggestion :lou_facepalm_2:


I’d still have him, knows the club. Hughes is shit, admit it, and then ask why stick with shit when said shit is taking us down.

Its beggars belief man.


At this rate I’d take Derren Brown if we don’t beat Fulham. Maybe he can hypnotise these wankers in to becoming decent footballers.