🤞 Hughes next for the sack?

:crossed_fingers: Hughes next for the sack?


According to the Daily Mirror anyway :-

Daily Mirror are apparently reporting Mark Hughes is facing the sack as Southampton manager if they fail to win Saturday’s home match against Watford

Discuss, thought I’d take this away from the Match thread


Yes i saw that too. They also said that Fat Sam or David Moyes are favourites to replace him. FFS!



Can’t be as bad as @Barry-Sanchez’s Pardew suggestion


Even Strachan.

:mancityfc: Man City v Saints :saints: (PL)



A few ‘news’ papers saying if we lose to Watford Hughes is going cos fans don’t like his style of football… Then say Allardyce and Moyes linked. :joy:


Who do you propose, there’ll be a vacancy if we don’t win this weekend.


I thought I did?


Pardew and Strachan.
Why do you want to regress even further?
Let’s take a gamble on the next Potch. One of these would probably be good(not sure which one though).
Julian Nagelsmann (30) Hoffenheim
Javier Calleja (39) Villarreal
Raphaël Wicky (40) FC Basel
Marcelo Gallardo (41) River Plate
Giovanni van Bronckhorst (42) Feyenoord
Domenico Tedesco (32) Schalke
Hannes Wolf (36) Stuttgart
I’d go for Wicky or Gallardo myself.


That a lovely list.

A lovely list of managers wouldn’t want to sully their records of coming here, would have jumped at the chance in the summer mind,

We’ll get a slow and steady know the league type of manager, a slow decline into the Championship.

Its the Southampton way.


Thank you. I put the effort in and looked at 3 different sites for the names.

I think we could get a couple of them. Money talks and Hughes wages dwarf most of theirs.

That’s what i don’t want, but you may be correct.

Didn’t used to be and the slow and steady twat we’ve got is a great reason not to do it again. Bring in Gallardo(we can double or treble his wage).


I agree but we won’t we’re a moneyball team and structure, buy to sell. You don’t have to have studied at LSE to know this is a flawed way of doing things and a gamble, like the academy is a gamble, I think I have said this many many times (put this on the list) that buying assured 30 year olds with little sell on value works and they have done it before.


Hasn’t Nagelsmann already agreed to take over at Leipzig next year? Where Paul Mitchell is? Probably identified by our black box…


Wouldn’t surprise me. He seems to be very well thought of and only 30.
I picked that list because of the ages as much as anything. I don’t want an old manager, as on the whole, they don’t seem to have changed with the game.
Give me someone unafraid, with ideas, over the try not to lose mentality.
I’d happily take André Villas-Boas(41) at the moment .


Hughes is on huge wages. Compensation alone will break us
We are skint, we bought Ings with next summers VVD installment.

Best we could afford will be that bloke managing Salisbury oh yeah Claridge or something like that


Surely we put clauses in for that eventuality.


How much is he on?


At least someone knows the reality.

The next question is where has the money gone?


All those nice new exec box upgrades and red pitch surround

Or Carrlllo, Boufal, Vestergaard, Hoedt, Armstrong, Ings.
Forsters wages