❔ How's Che Adams getting on?

:grey_question: How's Che Adams getting on?


for Baz



With our ownership?

No I don’t believe it will.


I’ll bite, Bazzer. The sale of 80% of the club to Gao appears to have been the act of a woman desperate to reduce her responsibility for something she inherited and really didn’t want. She flogged it to the first one to meet the valuation, who appears to be equally desperate to not be, rather bizarrely, bothered with his / his daughters investment. I suspect Gao hasn’t got a pot to piss in and has pockets nowhere near as deep as other Asian owners of PL clubs. They want to be part of the Club, he seems like he couldn’t give a fuck. If we go down, then the Club will suffer with him as majority shareholder, no question.

Che Adams is not the answer to our woes. He got a few goals on the weekend, but i bet it was because the Blues blew smoke up his arse after the window closed and he’s on a high.


I think we’re in deep shit with this owner I really do, Venkys Part II. Che Adams may or may not have been the answer but not to do anything when we’re in such trouble is criminal, no way can Hassenhutl be happy with no support.


So 80% is Gao’s fault. But you said yesterday that Ralph has to take some of the blame. Let’s say 5%.
Working to the old theory, that 100% is the total achievable, does this mean that the players are no more than 15% of the problem?
Now accepting your word that Stephens and Redmond are pure shite, i’m left in disbelief at how highly you rate the rest of the squad.
It’s almost positive Barry. Well done you :grin:


You did vote for chlorinated chicken, so be happy.


He has to take some of the blame for picking Stephens on Saturday after Burnley and other recent mistakes.
Why is this so so difficult for you to comprehend?


Good football answer that…


What’s that got to do with Che Adams?


What percentage is down to him?

Where have i disagreed? I’m only asking you to apportion levels of blame.
I’m blame whinging fans that don’t attend 136.45%.


There is no %, are you smoking crack on a Monday?


You really don’t get maths do you.
0% you now say, so no blame?


To err is human, to forgive divine.

Based on this we can safely assume 2 things:

a/ Jack Stephens is human. Unless he is a very sophisticated robot that is programmed to make mistakes to blend in with us more effectively. If he is a robot can he be programmed to act like a world class centreback please.

2/ Barry Sanchez is not divine.

c/ Fuck off discourse I will reply to Baz as much as I want.


As far as being happy with the current owner, I think none of us will ever be truly happy with any new owner compared to Markus, and it is something we will never really have any control over, and I’d rather have a skint owner and a club that sustains itself over corrupt billions from the middle east or russia.

Regarding the original topic I would have liked us to have signed Adams, we tried but failed, boo hoo get over it, transfers more often fall through than they are completed, and this one likely failed for a number of reasons rather than just the amount being offered.


Or Jack Stephens is a shite blag malfunctioned robot who gives making mistakes.


You mentioning corrupt money and Russia will enrage SOS, he’ll be reaching for the crack pipe …


Well the main one I suspect is we didn’t offer enough? That and the rumour we offered £4 Million less than Burnley.


I reach for the crack pipe every time you respond to me Baz, it’s the only way I can cope :lou_wink_2:


Rumour eh? Not interested in that, mainly because I can’t disprove it and you can’t prove it (unless you are holding out some ITK’ness on us :thinking:) so I don’t see how that helps the argument.


Forums, football and life revolves around rumour, what fact? In the wrong game mush.