❔ How's Che Adams getting on?

Another transfer window balls up.

Barry you are completely wrong on this one on so many levels.

Birmingham are under a transfer embargo so would not have been bale to sign anyone to replace him.
They are fighting for promotion from their league, why would they sign their best player.
There was one rumour about Saints possibly being in for him, the rest were, IIRC, about West Ham

I don’t know why I’m replying TBH


Everyone has their price.

Why do you keep mentioning Evens?
They said a price they wouldn’t sell for any less. We’re offered £2m more and turned it down flat, stating he was going no where in January.
You’re like a collection of sun headlines(no bearing to reality).
I’m still with you on Stephens :pensive:

Every team has a price, Christ we drop our knickers for half a mild, thats bollocks, we could have got him if we really wanted him.

So you reckon we should have gone £40m+ for an unproven striker that is banging them in at Championship level?


Where do you think it would have been as high as £40 Million?

They didn’t take £2m over what they said he was worth, how much would you have paid for him.

If you were in Birmingham’s position how much would you sell him for knowing that he’s the difference between the Championship and the Premier League.

Lastly what is there to say he wanted to come here?


Money talks, why do you think £40 Million?

All those tweets go to show is that those Saints fans have no grasp on reality and that Birmingham are pretty much laughing about it.

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They go to show how many people think our club is run by people who’re prepared to gamble on our future, their money, if we go down they’ll lose between £80-100 Million.
They have balls as they’re relying on a pure wank squad, you confident on that bet?

That’s what an average Premier League striker fetches these days I believe.

They turned down £12m in a heart beat. You would have gone mental if we’d spunked £20m on a player untested in the pl, that was young and still developing. This goes against everything you believe, but it’s a stick and you love a beating(or bleating).

Really? We’re really in the shite then as all of ours aren’t worth that, they’re really fucking brave and stupid.

Sorry @Saint-or-sinner for keeping moving your posts, I’m trying to keep the cross thread pollution down.

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Meh, their money they’ll lose, not mine

I don’t bet on anything, full stop.

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No I wouldn’t have, we spunked £19 Million on Carrilo ha ha, I could list some of our absolute wank signings over the last 3 years so buying a young goalscorer when we need one isn’t going to make me go crazy.
Missed out as we weren’t prepared to pay.
Simple as that.

Different thread same old shite


As I keep saying, Birmingham, in their situation, were NOT going to sell, no matter how much you think.

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