❔ How's Che Adams getting on?

:grey_question: How's Che Adams getting on?


Rumours are like a fart in a crowded room, everyone gets a sniff, no one can say for sure who it was (although your best pal probability would point in my direction), it doesn’t do anyone any favours and by tomorrow everyone will have forgotten about it by the time the next big fart comes around. Farts come and go and shift and disappear in the wind, facts are the turds that won’t flush, hard physical evidence that won’t be buried, yeah you can cover them up with toilet paper but they’re still there, just underneath the surface waiting to be discovered.

Quite poetic that :lou_smiley:


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I’m going to base my predictions on the average points per game for the teams up to the 15th game and then extrapolate on the points per game from the 15th onwards.

Team Points after 15 Points Since PPG Since Projected Points
Wolverhampton Wanderers 19 19 1.727 59
Watford 20 17 1.545 56
West Ham United 18 15 1.364 49
Burnley 9 18 1.636 47
Everton 23 10 0.909 44
Crystal Palace 12 15 1.36 43
Southampton 9 15 1.364 40
Cardiff City 11 14 1.272 40
Newcastle United 13 11 1 36
Brighton & Hove Albion 21 6 0.545 34
Fulham 9 8 0.727 26
Huddersfield Town 10 1 0.091 12

So there we have it, scientifically we’re safe.


£4m less than Burnley you say? So Burnley got him then did they? Must have missed that one.

The bloke was NOT for sale. Birmingham are four points off the play offs with plenty of games to spare, so every chance of being in the mix for promotion. As per the article below, promotion to the Premier League can be worth at least £170m to a football club. Therefore what would be the point of Birmingham selling their top goalscorer mid way through the season when they have upward momentum and the carrot totalling £170m prize money dangling in front of them? Would an extra £4m make a difference? Would an extra £10m be any better? All of this is conveniently ignoring his actual worth and value and furthermore the fact that Birmingham are under transfer embargo so couldn’t replace him in that window even if they went along with a sale.

I have a mate who is a Birmingham fan and he nearly fell over when I sent him an early newspaper link claiming we were prepared to pay £8m for Che Adams. He said he is raw as fuck, only recently started establishing himself as a starter and would be a massive gamble for a Premier League team. Because he is only really doing the business now and would not have expected a move to the Premier League before now, I imagine he was much more amenable to the idea of staying put for now and wouldn’t have kicked up a fuss and tried to force a move like VVD, Lovren, Lallana etc etc etc. On the basis that my mate watches Birmingham/Adams and I don’t, I am inclined to take his views on board.

It may also interest you to know that Birmingham took a certain Sam Gallagher on loan from us last season, despite also having a certain Mr Adams at the club. Gallagher got games for them over Adams. We also have Sam Gallagher at our disposal. Make of that what you will.

Us not signing a young lad, who was never for sale in the first place really isn’t worthy of its own thread.


Have you got one for saying how much relegation is worth?


Sure, here you go.


That doesn’t change the fact that Birmingham didn’t want to sell him does it.

I assume we identified him as somebody that Ralph wanted to work with based on his potential, attributes and price. HOWEVER, the problem was regardless of meeting a valuation, the player was NOT FOR SALE due to the aforementioned reasons. Paying well over the odds MIGHT have made a difference but you and I would both criticise the club for doing that if it didn’t go to plan and he ended up being another Carrillo or we signed a player for the future when the need is more in the here and now.

He will probably be sold in the summer to a Premier League team for £8m - £12m if Birmingham don’t get promotion.


He may even be sold if they do get promoted. Wouldn’t be the first time a club has cashed in on a hot property following a promotion. Interesting points from your mate who actually sees Brum play, as well - are we in desperate need of a raw, young talent? Obafemi fits that bill pretty nicely and he’s back in training now - plus he has the distinct advantage of having played and scored in the Premier League. That said, he’s basically shit, like all of our other players. :rofl:


Why didn’t we target someone sooner then?
If we didn’t does this mean they were happy or satisfied with the quality shown?
Did they learn nothing from last year?


Name the quality in our squad?


Should we change the title of this thread to the ‘Barry Sanchez’s Whinges about the Club’?

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Love you really @Barry-Sanchez


That is essentially what Ralph said, yes. If we cannot get what we want then he trusts in the squad and is happy with what he has got. As @Fowllyd says, Obafemi is back in training now and Ralph seemingly rates him very highly.

There is always two or three stars that need to align when it comes to buying and selling players and January is renowned for being an incredibly difficult time to do business. We only got rid of players who weren’t playing so it doesn’t really matter does it.

Well clearly they identified we needed reinforcements and we got some in the summer. Whether they are up to scratch or not is a matter for debate (but please can we not have it right now?).

As Ralph says - “If you want guarantees, buy a washing machine”.


Not buying a goalscorer when we knew we needed one in September is tantamount to gross negligence, so we won’t buy youth but we’ll gamble on youth we already have?
Gabbiadini should not have gone, we need goals so we play Long? You think thats good? Or the immobile Austin?

We had lots of time, if we can sell and loan we can also buy, this was a business decision and gamble.

Happy with it?

You can strengthen your team and increase your chances?
Why did we start the season with a weakened squad when people knew it was poor from the previous season, we knew we needed a centreback and a striker before the season started.


And we signed Vestergaard and Ings.

Austin can do a job in certain games as can Long. As it happens, and as I have already said, I think it was a mistake not playing Austin against Cardiff. He doesn’t need to be rapidly quick and mobile when we were camped in Cardiff’s half because there was no space to run in to anyway. We needed his ‘right place, right time’ instincts and a poacher in the box. Ralph got it wrong as far as I am concerned but that is just my opinion and I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors or in training.

At the end of the day Baz I left that stadium on Saturday afternoon screaming muffled obscenities in to my woolly hat, such was the disappointment and frustration. So I highly doubt I am any less perplexed by our situation than you are. I just don’t see the point in bringing up the same old arguments. We are a relatively small club operating under internal and external financial restrictions and we will never be able to compete with the footballing super powers so have to make do with trying to find quirky ways to stay in the same division as them. You call it ‘moneyball’, which it may very well be, but without viable alternatives I really don’t see the point in banging on about it all the time. It is what it is.

I have taken to moaning on here in the past when we have had managers with whom I felt uninspired by and players who were under performing well beyond their obvious capabilities. At the moment we have a great manager and barring individual (yet costly and frustrating) mistakes, he is getting the best out of what we have so in a way, yes I am happy with this.


This isn’t about the size of our club, Bournemouth are an example that should embarrass us, they managed to sign two payers in the window as well.
This is about not learning from previous errors and being capable, do you think honestly we’re a capable club?
I don’t.


The difference being they signed players that they wanted and who the selling clubs were prepared to sell. Brentford aren’t under transfer embargo and are 18th in the Championship with little to no prospects of achieving promotion. The other player was Solanke who couldn’t get a kick at Liverpool and considering the fee they paid for him, is one hell of a gamble. The last bloke they signed from Liverpool (the winger, cannot be arsed to google and find his name) hasn’t exactly pulled up trees has he.

The best I can do is say that we were unlucky in so far as the player we apparently wanted was at a club under circumstances that dictated that selling him was not a viable nor economical option for them. Brentford got a good deal under their circumstances and Liverpool shifted some deadwood for an impressive return.


Bournemouth signings:

David Brooks Sheff Utd £11,500,000 01 Jul, 2018
Diego Rico Leganes £10,700,000 24 Jul, 2018
Jefferson Lerma Levante £25,000,000 07 Aug, 2018
Dominic Solanke Liverpool £17,000,000 04 Jan, 2019
Chris Mepham Brentford £12,000,000 22 Jan, 2019

I like the look of Brooks but the others are meh.


Didn’t they get Clyne on loan as well? CBA to check

Oh and Solanke is injured too