❔ How's Che Adams getting on?

:grey_question: How's Che Adams getting on?


So by my calculations unless there is a 53 game season we’re due to finish on 40 points, this is absolute bollocks as 38 games are all different.
Fuck me sideways lads.


And yet you appear, at least, to be saying that you expect us to play as we did yesterday in every one of our remaining games. One could, of course, just as easily suggest that we’ll play as we did against Arsenal in every game.

The truth, as you correctly point out, is that neither of these will be the case. Put another way, you seem to be contradicting yourself just a little.


Well I’m basing our demise on the last 3 games yes, the transfer window and the hammer blow that would have been dealt yesterday at that defeat, objectives change, I predicted we’d be about 15th/14th this season, after 26 games? No chance.
No contradiction at all, where do you think we’ll finish?


So every game is different, and yet you’re basing your calculation on just the last three. Yes, I can see how that makes perfect sense and isn’t contradictory in the slightest. The other parts you mention are in your mind, not Hasenhuttl’s and not the players’.

Where do I think we’ll finish this season? In the Premier League for next season; beyond that I wouldn’t like to speculate.


So you think we’ll stay up?
Every game is different but quite obviously you fancy your chances against the weaker teams, 2/9 against the weaker teams has changed my opinion, its changed the bookies as well, I suggest you also say they know fuck all about football.


I base my opinion on what I’ve seen of the team playing since Hasenhuttl took charge. That’s all our home games since then bar Crystal Palace, which I couldn’t get to. We’ve improved massively in general, though we’ve performed poorly in some games, yesterday being an obvious example. Ralph now needs to get the players refocussed and believing in themselves, and I’d back him to do so.

I really don’t give a flying one about what odds the bookies are offering.


Yesterday was horrific and I didn’t sleep well last night as a consequence.

However, now that the dust has settled I can look at the situation more rationally. Whilst we should have won the game and didn’t, at the end of the day we often struggle to break down shit teams who defend deep and play hoof ball. We played three teams who are well organised and sit deep so it isn’t a huge surprise that we didn’t do especially well. The managers tactics are based on winning the ball back quickly and high up the pitch. So it actually suits against teams that desire to have possession of the ball. Not Palace, Burnley and those Welsh twats. A truly awful side.

So in summary I can actually see us getting positive results away from home in some of those other games which on paper look more difficult than the ones we’ve just had.

Other teams will wipe the floor with Cardiff so I’m not convinced that 1 point gap will last too long.

In the interim, do us a favour Baz, tell us “I told you so” if/when we actually get relegated and not before, because this is getting fucking tedious.


Well, I’m not one. But think about what it might be. One squared is one, minus one squared is also one, as the two minus values cancel each other out. So what’s the square root of minus one?


Its not a I told you so, are you happy since Gao took over? How Liebherr sold it to her mate? How we were assured they’d take the club forward?
That list could go on an on but you’re happy because I can tell you now a part from this site theres meltdown after yesterday, that was a seismic defeat yesterday.
Hassenhutl goes away knowing he’ll be returning with the same players, galvanising the squad when no doubt words will be said will be hard enough let alone getting a plan for the defence for the rest of the season.
A shit show.


‘Happy’ doesn’t come in to it. It is what it is. Whilst I accept it was a largely pointless sale on the basis that its ‘business as usual’, but what are the alternatives? FFP dictates what we can spend so our owners finances are largely irrelevant because we don’t have extraordinary turnover unless we sell our best players. You don’t have to like it but seriously, what are the alternatives? We couldn’t keep unhappy players because we saw with VVD he stayed and played like a bit of a cunt. No fucking point.

You suggest we/the club have choices but what are they? I don’t for a second think you actually believe signing a bunch of over 30s is the answer because you’d be effectively saying we should copy the models of Stoke and WBA and that would be laughable given the fact they’ve already been relegated.

We broke our transfer record for Carrillo last January and he didn’t score a single goal and was farmed off to another league within six months. Spending money in January doesn’t guarantee anything. If all we could buy was shite players and not ones that we actually want then clearly there was no point.

Ralph got it wrong yesterday with Long over Austin in my opinion but he is still a million miles better than the last few jokers we’ve had in charge. And I’m sure he’d have loved to be able to call upon Armstrong yesterday as well who’d have offered us more penetration. So I trust he can get us out of the shit.

In terms of the thread title, Burnley also had multiple bids for Che Adams turned down so clearly Birmingham weren’t playing ball full stop. Hardly a failure on the part of our club.

Ralph actually said we’d agreed terms (or similar) with a player but his club wouldn’t sell. I don’t know if that was Adams or somebody else but it shows that heels were dug in and guns were stuck to. Not the fault of the club.

It was a record low January spend for the Premier League so clearly there wasn’t much good business to be had.


You don’t think he’s up to the job then?


Call me old fashioned Barry but perhaps the vast majority of posters on here are more levelheaded and less knee-jerk reactionary than on other sites

Given the demographic of the site membership, most of us remember the good/bad old days when the last day of the season was a right nail biter- and that was part of the fun.

It wasn’t great to go down to league 1, but it was as sure as hell a great ride coming back up.

If you can’t take it, maybe go and support Manure, Liverhampton or Citeh instead?


But this isn’t knee jerk, there are serious issues at the club, its a slow motion car crash, this is apparent from last years escape, what was done to address those issues? Fans have every right and are right to be very concerned.


Ah, in mathematics it’s written as i (that’s a small i) and known as an imaginary number.

Very appropriate if you ask me :rofl:


Signing some over 30’s of course, a mixture of all not all eggs in one basket, I’ve always said that.


Umm, didn’t Les Reed get the boot and then, after been given a chance, didn’t Hughes get the boot?

If you can’t see that the board have faith (misguided or not) in Hutch and can’t work out that this January is more about consolidation then getting Hutch’s people in then I do worry.

This is it, fans don’t have every right to know everything, why should they?

What other measure do you have, as can be seen regularly by those that bet, predicting results on a game by game basis isn’t east, otherwise there’d be some very rich people out there.


Since the takeover how do you think its gone?

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Did Liebherr sell to her friend, sell as there was no one else or sell as it was the best deal for the club or simply even her?
Do you think any progress has been made or we know what the goals and aspirations of the club and board are?
Do we know as fans what direction the club are trying to go and get to?

I can’t give any higher than a 2/10 and that is only because we got Hassenhutl.


How is Gao and Che Adams connected? They’re vastly different topics, what next Dawkins in the bible section?


How are Che Adams and all your other miscellaneous gripes on this thread connected? And given that you brought up the subject of Gao on this thread in the first place, I can hardly see what cause you have for complaint if your all-new, all-singing, all-dancing* Gao thread got moved here.

*It’s none of these things, obviously. Especially the all-new part.


Are you happy with Gao?
The direction of the club?