❔ How's Che Adams getting on?

:grey_question: How's Che Adams getting on?


Of course it was. But you’d have to be a prime fuckwit to say that Stevens lost the match. Even after he gave the ball away there were opportunities to clear it, which weren’t taken. It’s a team game, played by a team. It’s not golf or tennis.

As for deflection, I’ll never get close to your level of mastery, so I’ll demur and leave it to the expert.


I bet you want every child to get a medal for participating…


You know as much about me and my thoughts and views as you do about football. Namely, the square root of fuck all.


I know enough to know as much is it a team game an individual can lead to a goal, I know that much.


And so do I, and so does everyone. Maybe I’ll revise my estimate of your football knowledge to the square root of minus one in that case. Well done you.


Thanks hun.


My pleasure. No, my privilege.


Only yesterday i asked.

I see your on your merry way.

1 or 2 more games before you demand his head?


He is the best thing we have, he has worked wonders since being there but he can’t turn shite into champagne.


How much of the blame should he take then?
1.25% maybe?



Are you happy with the club, signings and team performances?


To many questions. I’m still trying to work out Ralph’s share of the blame.
Do higher or lower if you want, but i’d like to know how much anger i should direct Ralph’s way.


Don’t tell Barry



Do Southampton play a 53 game season?

What the fuck is shit? Get outta here…


Think before you write Barry.


15/11 = 1.36

1.36 x 38 = 51

where did you get 53 games from?


Same place all his stats come from.


Maybe @Matthew-Le-God could explain to you.

He seems to have a much better grasp of numbers.


Do you have to be a mathematician to properly understand this jibe?


Hughes was in charge for 15 games that is my point and using an average of points per game is reaching for the comfort blanket, its fucking desperate.