❔ How's Che Adams getting on?

:grey_question: How's Che Adams getting on?


People coming onto a thread to moan about said thread in hypocrisy shocker…


Have you ever seen Che Adams play bazza?


Yes on the telly, like him, need someone like that or needed.
It’s ok we have Austin for the running and Long will bang them in…


You mean you watched highlights of yesterday’s hatrick or I’m expected to believe that you rarely watch Saints but are a closet Brum fan?


Of course, believe what you want but that doesn’t deflect from the reality we should have bought a striker and we didn’t, we had 4 months to line one up yet failed, the same with a centre back, what does that tell?


We couldn’t get who we wanted?
Anyone else you fancy in your detailed analysis of Championship games?


Thanks Poirot, we had 4 months to get someone we wanted, but never mind what we want, we need and needed a striker. We chose to get one, a last minute attempt is bollocks, we needed one at the start of the season, we failed at the 2nd time of asking, no excuses and there is no way Hassenhutl will be happy about it but he a coach so I doubt he had much say.


Yes you do seem to go on to every thread to moan tbf Barry.


Well this is hardly the season of joy and harmony, in fact the last 3 seasons haven’t, who can be satisfied with

The Board
The transfers
The players
The squad
The performances

I’d say no one, no fans at all can be happy with the self harm the board has done, all this is of our own doing, its not because we didn’t have enough time, money or pull as a club to strengthen, we decided to and that’s what makes it so so painful.
You can’t really blame the players as they aren’t good enough so the manager/coach can’t perform miracles when the board have expected him to, he walked into a sinking ship and I doubt if he knew this fully would he have come, the galling bit and the bit that really makes me angry about all of this is the silence from the people running the club, they’ll say nothing and do nothing as they don’t care, they couldn’t care less.
If they don’t care enough to buy the players required to stay in the League why should the fans give the money to watch worsening teams with no messages or direction from the board?
Have a good look at our squad and be honest, they aren’t good enough are they?
If we can see that why can’t they? They can and they want to chance it, the bittersweet thing is I genuinely believe we’re down and we’ll do into receivership and they’ll lose millions.
Rant not over by a long long chalk.


Oh joy.


“It was stupid, absolutely stupid. I’ve never seen a goal conceded like this. It’s absolutely horrible.

I think he is referring to your main man Stephens there Goat.


I think the manager realises it’s a team game and he’s not a prick.


If an individual error costs the goal thats not the teams fault, Hassenhutl has now said if we do that again we’re basically down, we need 4 wins and 2 draws in all probability or simply 14 points from 12 games,
Arsenal AWAY
Fulham HOME
Manchester United AWAY
Spurs HOME
Watford AWAY
Brighton AWAY
Liverpool HOME
Wolves HOME
Newcastle AWAY
Bournemouth HOME
West Ham AWAY
Huddersfield HOME

We’re not going to do that on the way we’ve played and performed as individuals and as a team.


15 points from 10 games before yesterday, you conveniently forgotten that already?


A couple of points here. First, if an individual error leads to a goal being conceded, but the team should have been well in the lead at that point, then it’s as much on the team as it is on the individual. Hasenhuttl is no fool and he knows that it’s a team game.

Second, Hasenhuttl didn’t say that if we lose another game in that manner we’re down. He said we can’t keep on doing it if we want to stay up. Those are two very different things; your predictably fuckwitted interpretation of his comment comes as no surprise though.


Doesn’t fit the narrative Gav.


Against whom? Wasted opportunities, are you happy with the team? With the last 3 games? With wankstation Jack Stephens, at least Hassenhutl said there’ll be changes surely it’ll be that bellend.


If you don’t know who we played in the 10 games before Cardiff yesterday then I can’t help you.


So you concede it was an individual error that led to their winner? The other bit was deflection and spiel.


Oh I do, I also know we’ve missed our chance and fucked it up, Hassenhutl must take some blame for sticking with Stephens, the fans have been on his back for being shit for some time, didn’t he stick two fingers up to the fans at the Palace game?
Regardless he’s wank and has to go, who do we bring in though, its a self made shit show.