❔ How's Che Adams getting on?

:grey_question: How's Che Adams getting on?


Apologies are mine. Started replying to Barry and got distracted, so didn’t notice when i continued.
Still it’s amusing seeing the sea change. Something that was anathema a few short weeks ago, is now the missed priority according to Barry. He’s advocating spunking £40m on an untried kid.
Any stick will do.


Money talks, if they held out they have more backbone than we do.
Offer enough and they go.


Where have I said buy Adams for £40 Million?
Don’t be Pyongyang tonight hun…


Bob mentioned it as the going rate. You advocated paying what it took and didn’t dispute Bob’s valuation.
You’ve gone mental whether it be £20m or £40m. £15m tops(£6m made up of performance targets and if we’re as shit as you say, that’s something that we won’t have to worry about ever paying).


We are as shit as I say hence we should have paid £20 Million, a gamble worth paying 1/4 1/5 of what we could lose?

If you gamble you know thats worth taking.


So like the money, that’s another 180°
Did you ever consider a career on ice?


What 180?
We should have paid, we didn’t and we could have lost out.
Accept this, disagree with it but accept what I am saying.
A career on ice? Ha Ha coming from a man stationed in Pyongyang.


Has all the money gone on players(as you have stated), or out the club to Gao(as you have also stated)?
You stated(multiple times) that buying kids is too big a gamble, then decry(when it’s too late) that we didn’t spunk upwards of £20m on an untried kid.

We offered, they said no(after having their bluff called). You advocate doing a scummy Liverpool fc act?

Is that two 180°s?

And the ever present paranoia.


What other option did we have of buying a striker?
Its a gamble, by not buying we’ve also gambled that our squad is good enough, confident?

Gao has put what in exactly? You seen our net spend?
We offered £4 Million less than Burnley by all accounts, of course they’ll decline.

What tap up? Tapping up happens everywhere, its shite but happens all the time, what can you do about it? Be holier than thou? With Gao as our moral leader? You’re fucking crazy.


Jeez what happened to the downvote icons when you need them…

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Is Baz on a retainer to reinact Groundhog Day on every thread?



What 2 threads?

We have a drama queen, right here.


Last one Barry(it’s getting as otherworld as MH-17)

According to your demands, a multitude of over 30s proven shit. 180°

This is what we have been doing foryyears and you have constantly slated. 180°

You claimed he took out. 180°

I never said who called their bluff. But that doesn’t distract from reality. They can’t replace, or even loan back(look it up). You can stop turning for a bit at least.

And here you again show your true position.
If you want to see to see crazy, just look around you and at the world in general. You advocate joining them, because you can’t beat them, so i’ll put you in the group the French put that kind of thinking in the 1940s.
Put the stick down Barry, you’re beating yourself and you still haven’t realised.


I can’t think of an over 30 available maybe there was one, that is maybe the clubs fault?
They had all season to look for one.
£46 net spend surplus, where has it gone, VVD money? TV money?
Money talks, Christ we’ve sold enough, you don’t believe money talks in football?

You think Southampton FC don’t tap up?
Fucking hell what planet are you on?
Nevermind a snowflake we’ve got a snow white.


You darling?


Not me, I am on an all nighterish, am fucking fuming with the bellends.


Billy Sharp scored a hatrick yesterday. Much more your criteria Bazza.


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I was tempted to mention Billy


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