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:fire: Grenfell Fire


This is the thing that I don’t understand. I know people who have worked in the emergency housing. Whose job it is to coordinate finding accommodation and placing people. When the fires happened in Shirley Towers residents were found accommodation. Referrals were made to children’s services if there were children in the family to see if they needed any additional support. I am sure vulnerable adults were referred to Adult services. Finances were provided. It was a small number not on the scale of this but that is my experience when an emergency situation happens. I heard from an ex colleague that at the Manchester terror attack children’s services were incredibly busy the day after to support people.

K&C council may not have enough staff to manage but ask neighbouring boroughs to support you. There are 30 odd boroughs in London. Yes we are working on bare bones in places but as a member of staff I’m sure people would want to help.






Simple and to the point.





On that periscope vid I posted, skip to around 22:00.

Scandalous and hilarious.



Didn’t see that one. Great turnout on a hot day where we could have had fun in the sun.

It was mainly about the possible coalition with DUP but every speaker mentioned Grenfell. How could they not? And many spoke up about how it is political and we can’t pretend it isnt.






With every detail that emerges it becomes a little bit clearer that things have to change.

How on earth can we have private companies responsible for deciding whether to pay out dividends to themselves, or spend it on the safety of strangers?




Being cynical this seems to be a knee-jerk action by May to head off further protest. Surely it is something that should have been done immediately it became clear the local council weren’t up to the job?


I think Lily Allen is going to be owed an apology.

I’ve just been looking at the statistics.

Approximately 650 people affected. 58 confirmed dead, 65 confirmed rescued, 30 injured. I make that at most, 95 survivors - and that figure assumes that there is no overlap between rescued and injured.

I’ll leave the grim subtraction to the reader.