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The amount of articles and complaints made by that group is ridiculous. There will be criminal ramifications from this.

Personally, I can’t think of anything more terrifying than what the people on the top floors would have been through.

So sad :lou_sad:

Well that made my jaw hit the floor when I turned the telly on

poor bastards

and if any of that stuff is true re fire safety then some people need jail time (one evacuee is claiming there was no fire alarm sounding as he left the building)

No idea on the cause etc, but I do notice that the buidling had been reclad.

Cladding issues have been reported as a worry in Tower Block fires here and in other places like Sydney.

Time for a global rethink?

In the current climate, let’s hope this is just a tragic accident of epic proportions.

I haven’t watched the reports on TV this morning…I don’t want to either but it’s going to be near impossible I’m afraid.

That resident’s association blog looks like there will be a massive criminal investigation. Fuck manslaughter…it sounds like murder. Those responsible and all implicated in passing flawed and useless regulations should be publicly villifed and locked up for the rest of their lives. :lou_angry:


Full link to the web site

Posted November 2016

Previous engorcement actions and a previous fire in another unit

This is the final paragraph of the blog…

" The Grenfell Action Group predict that it won’t be long before the words of this blog come back to haunt the KCTMO management and we will do everything in our power to ensure that those in authority know how long and how appallingly our landlord has ignored their responsibility to ensure the heath and safety of their tenants and leaseholders. They can’t say that they haven’t been warned!"

Fuck me. I know no investigating has been conducted yet but it looks damming and disgraceful.

Philip Davies is a truly odious individual


The only blessing is that the death toll isnt much higher. When I first saw the pictures I thought that few would escape.

This is very sad. I’ve lived in a high rise for a short while in the past and can only imagine how terrifying it must of been for the residents.

I shudder to think how many lives will be affected, not only by injury/death but by losing everything they own. 150 flats - 400 to 600 people … I really feel for them.

Genuinely one of the most tragic events I’ve ever seen unfold in this country. Felt sick to my stomach listening to some of the accounts.

Cladding is fine as a concept. It’s what you make the cladding out of. Don’t know what they made this out of, but according to eyewitness reports, the fire got from the fourth floor to the top in 20 minutes.

The other factor may have been the “polystyrene-like” insulation material, coming off in chunks.

When you read the Glenfell action report, this really does look like a tragedy in slow motion. That’s the thing I can’t get out of my head; the horror that these people must have experienced before the fires took them. It also appears that if concerns had been listened to, it could have been entirely avoided.

Blag cladding, race to the bottom, why are we doing up (loosely termed) these towers of deprivation anyway? People need houses, if people choose to live like that fine, but people shouldn’t be placed there.

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This is one report about why there was cladding


My colleague said her good friend lives opposite and could hear screaming she wont forget. Sometimes the bad news seems endless.

Just got to Kos, so just catching up on this, but the cladding would probably be pretty fire resistant. However, what fixes it to the building? My bet is wooden battons…

@intiniki posted a link which suggests the insulation could be to blame.