🔥 Grenfell Fire

:fire: Grenfell Fire


Yet another scummy MP who isn’t connected to the voters that put him into power.


Moved me to tears, that.


Simon Gruber’s plan in Die Hard With A Vengeance would be a piece of piss to execute in the UK after her cuts.

For anyone that’s forgotten, the villain has the authorities running all over the shop to divert them from his main objective, which he would have gotten away with if not for that meddling John McClane.

I’m not even joking. Everytime something goes off, resources are so thin on the ground that additional resource is sucked in from surrounding areas, even in London, which has the greatest concentration of resources in the country. Manchester is the next best provisioned force in terms of armed police, but they’ve a tenth of what London has, and most other forces have very little, even less if they’re responding to incidents elsewhere.

The atrocities that kicked the War on Terror off were co-ordinated, multiple attacks across two cities and the Pennsylvania airspace. If something like that were to happen here, multiple attacks across multiple cities all at once, we simply wouldn’t have the resource to deal with it.

Furthermore, every extremist nutter knows that there are many heavily clad buildings around the country that can turn flat fires into towering infernos, and that it took all of London and the Home Counties public services to bring it under control.

Fuck sake.


All new and converted dwellings in Wales are obliged to have sprinkler systems by law, but it wasn’t introduced here and i agree with you in that this light touch approach in England is totally wrong. Although new build high rise are obliged to install them, it seems sensible to extend it new build domestic properties to. Hopefully this will now change in England too.


The Government might do well to fast track the inquiry into the fire. Sources from the scene are saying that the number of fatalities has been grossly under estimated and could be as high as 150.


That would make it the worst British civil disaster in modern times. When the initial reports of an approximate resident count came in at 600, I really hoped it wouldn’t be in the hundreds. That is awful if true.


Protest now passing the Russian Lesbian Emporium.

Sorry :lou_facepalm_2:


Images of the police protecting the rich from the angry mob tells you all you need to know about this situation.

Why didn’t Theresa May just talk, or listen?

While the community has rallied like Brits always do, the fire was a horrific accident but the official response has been a fucking disaster.



I’ll be very surprised if there aren’t riots in the area within the next few weeks


Just said the same to mrs Sfcsim - I predict a riot!


I fear you could be right. Brits take a certain amount of crap but then there comes a point where it all kicks off.



Even Cockney Justin Timberlake can describe the situation more accurately than Theresa May.


Dangerous new drinking game.

Take a shot every time Theresa May says the word ensure in an interview.

Take another shot if you don’t believe her.

Belting interview from Newsnight. I think the media have finally turned on her.


Answer a fucking question you shit cunt!!!


This was a pretty pitiful performance by May who apparently doesn’t understand the concept of acceptance of responsibility. On the other hand, it could be worse. Imagine Donald Trump’s response in the same situation.



The media are, rightly, asking many questions and reporting on the anger (and heartache). But some of the news journos are doing all they can to be moronic in their attempts to show the official response is woefully short. The senior female on Ch4 news last night, to a minister:

“So to all the residents of the 400 tower blocks in the country, can you assure them that they will be 100% safe from fire in future?”. She asked it twice and he did bloody well not to say only if they agree to live underwater FFS.


I wonder which of them will be turfed out of office first. Seriously though, May worries me. The one conviction she seems to have is that she should be Prime Minister, despite leaving a trail of chaos behind her which suggests she is eminently unsuitable for the job.

Those that seek power are least suited to wield it, and all that.


Theresa _May _respond.
Theresa _Never _answers.