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:fire: Grenfell Fire



I saw a graphic floating around suggesting it’d cost less to retro fit sprinkler systems to all old tower blocks.

How are the right-wing etc not apoplectic about this coalition of chaos, propped up by terrorist sympathisers, finding a magic money tree to prop up a pathetically feeble PM?

This country is a fucking disgrace, we’re doing a damned good job competing with the US to see who can damage their reputation the most.


Yes, I’m still fucking angry about this.

Yes, it is still political.

There are 300 odd people still unaccounted for. This can not be brushed under the carpet. This cannot be let go. This cannot be just moved on to the next story.

If this government can find £1.5bn to make a grubby deal with some of the most extreme people in parliament, they sure as hell better have a fucking good answer for not doing anything to secure the safety of some of the most vulnerable people in social housing.

Hopefully, this I’ll put to bed the idea that London is purely a millionaires playground that is totally out of touch with reality. The sort of bile that the pair of Cunts Farage & Hopkins (also Barry, he’s not a cunt on their level mind) love to peddle. Some of the poorest, most deprived areas of the country are in London. And they are routinely ignored and sneered at by those all around the country because they live in the capital and therefore cannot understand suffering.


They are too busy trying to paint Corbyn as the Devil to worry about minor things like the safety of the electorate. It’s a shame Cherts isn’t here because he might be able to explain it better? Perhaps Mr Trampoline would like to have a crack at it?



Just heard a report that the death toll isn’t being announced yet for fear of a riot.


I have read reports of over 300 missing.

If that is true then I would say that anything under 300 deaths is optimistic.




Conjecture? Political point scoring?

Something smells fishy about the number of deaths announced, but I guess Lammy’s theory is as good as any other at this point.

We need to know the truth.


The reason that they’ve not released the death toll is because the government would likely collapse once the full scale is known.

I’ve been somewhat out of the loop, but I have noticed that councils have been running like blue arsed flies to get stuff sorted, and not altogether successfully. I suspect they’ll eventually release the final death toll when they’ve finished this PR exercise, saying “it won’t happen again”.

And fuck Theresa May for referring to this as an “unimaginable tragedy”. Plenty of people imagined it, including the residents of Grenfell. Lying cunt.


Worth a read, if you accept that something’s not right. All in it together?



My work place emailed us all to say that there isn’t any of the cladding on the flats in the borough. I’ve only been in one of the larger blocks and don’t remember any cladding. The two near me also don’t look clad. Think our borough has had sod all money to spend on it. All only have one stair well though and not seen sprinklers anywhere. When I get back to work will see what else had come through. They need to get on and be honest about the numbers. I know how many families were offered support which would be nearing the number of flats. But I don’t know much else than that.


Just when you think the government can’t play this any worse. Looks like councils are going to have to bear the cost of re-cladding, at the cost of other projects.



Need to get that 1 bn back and start making homes safe. Councils don’t have spare cash apart from K&C did have a lot of money sloshing about.


K&C sitting on nearly £300m. Maybe they can put it in the pot.

Something else you should look out for @intiniki next time you’re in a tower block.


I read an article the other day, I think in the Guardian which suggested that K&C were not unusual in running such a large surplus. Infact they don’t even have the largest. I think it said Camden had an even bigger surplus (400m) and there were others as well. Councils have been sitting on cash and paying for day to day stuff on their credit cards while credit has been cheap.


Are you talking surplus as in income over expenditure or surples funds - if it is the former that would be extraordinary.

There is a law that requires councils to run a balanced budget ie income equals expenditure - in that case what happens to funds that have been accumulated over time? can that be spent? and is so how?


Surplus funds. Loads of references have been made to K&C storing up nearly £300m. I assumed this was what Intiniki was referring to. The article I read, which I now cannot find anywhere said that this figure although high was not that unusual. The article went on to suggest how many councils behave more like hedge funds nowadays in their financial activities and that hoarding these pools of funds while taking advantage of cheap credit was consistent with that behaviour. Whether that’s right or not, I’m not sure.

The point was that Intinikis suggestion that councils don’t have spare cash may not be correct in many more cases than just K&C.


The council’s can take the money and not use it but instead take credit use the capital as collateral and then pay interest on the money they have borrowed. This will mean less funds for services as the money in the bank does not grow but the interest charges on the debts do. This means that more of the income from the following years will be used to repay the debt that should have never accrued in the first place . This is all down to accountants and how they think that the bottom line should always be greater than what it is. Why do you think you are having large cutbacks accountants thinking that a large amount of money in the bank that is never used is better than using it as they do not understand that future purchasing will be mor expensive than doing it now due to inflation…

This is also the reason why accountants should never be incharge of engineering company’s.

Accountants should never have their bonus’s linked to the amount of money the company has saved until at least 5 years after they have left. To ensure that the practices they put in place actually worked and did not ruin the company.