🔥 Grenfell Fire

:fire: Grenfell Fire


Just heard on the news that it’ll be the end of the year before a final death toll will be released.

Cover up confirmed, then.


This government has no shame


Call me cynical, but when it is a terrorist attack figures are bandied about all over the place. The Sun and The Mail seem to have gone very quiet on that front. I appreciate that it isn’t easy identifying number from dental records, but 5 or 6 months? Seriously? I think we can assume that the figure will be significantly higher than 80.


Here’s the BBC version

Still doesn’t ring true, but I love a good conspiracy theory me.




It’s pretty churlish to imply (as I knew you were, :goat:) that _ SIR _ Martin Moore-Bick is simply going to find for the _ establishment. _


So Kensington and Chelsea council, led by Nicholas Paget-Brown, held a cabinet meeting last night to discuss the Grenfell Tower fire. Survivors of the fire and the media were banned from attending. Cover up, what cover up?



Jeez Paget-Brown has a brass neck.

Clearly frightened of the truth coming out and seems to be doing what his pay-masters tell him

Should change his name to Paget-Brown-Nose



Rydons are threatening to sue K&C council and it looks like they have a case, if K&C try to pass the buck.



Paget-Brown resigns. Plus head of the TMO steps aside.

Would Paget-Brown have a golden handshake to leave?


That’ll be odds-on. If the tories were in a stronger position, he’d probably get a knighthood as well.


Adele is amazing at what she does, even if her music is not my cup of tea.

ms pap guilted me into going to see her headline the Pyramid last year (it was ms pap’s 40th) and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I can see why people fall in love with the girl. I certainly did on that Saturday night. Biggest female pop artist in the world and still incredibly down to earth.

Not surprised to see her sticking up for Grenfell and starting a campaign. Massive kudos for using her influence to do so.


Paget-Brown had no option after making up all that shit last night and demonstrating that he has no grasp of legal process.

He’s also done well to emerge from an incredibly tight competition to win the Crappest Council Leader of the Year award.


Pretty sure that he has only stepped down as leader of the council. NOT as a councillor. He’ll still be picking up his pay cheque as will the other double barrelled deputy fuckwit.


Saw on the news they refused help from other local authorities which now makes sense that we didn’t get emails until the Saturday asking for volunteers to support families. I spend my time telling people it’s fine to ask for help. Its not a weakness.

Or were they worried people would realise sooner that something is amiss at that council?


Enough time to shred and delete?

Agree completely with you about asking for help, but our society has been taught to demonise anyone poor that does.

Deborah Orr has done a decent job of it.

“Our society treats those in poverty as moral failures, whose voices of concern are a sign of ingratitude”


It looks to me as if Paget-Brown was given a hefty shove by Tory HQ. Having said quite unequivocally that he had no reason to resign and would not be doing so, all of a sudden off he goes. It’s not too hard to picture the dialogue between him and HQ:

"Nick, Nick, Nick. Nicky. We like you Nick, we really do. You’ve got a cheeky face, a great name, and a lovely shiny head. And you’ve done the right thing too. You’ve clawed back precious funds from refurbishing pauper flats, and that lets you set council tax lower for the real people - what’s not to like? As I said, we like you. You’re one of our own.

"But there’s a bit of a problem here, Nick. Trouble is, these pauper types can vote. Yes, Nicky, we know they never used to, but it does look like they’ve started to now. And you know the worst part of that? Of course you do, Nick, of course you do. They don’t vote for us, do they? And what did they do the other day, the bastards? Yes, they voted in a Labour MP. On your watch, Nick, on your watch.

“And now there’s this fire, Nick. Nasty. Very nasty. Yeah, they were all paupers - and a lot of them were foreign paupers - but somehow people have got the idea that they were real people. Not your fault, Nick - we know that, we really do - but you know what the press can be like. And the TV people - well, best not mention them, eh?”

"But we need to get back to the point here Nick. The thing is, you’re poison. I know it’s not nice to hear, and you don’t need to say anything right now - no, Nick, you really don’t need to say anything right now - but that’s how it is. Nick, that’s how it is, OK? The paupers and their mates have got you in their sights and, let’s face it, you look bad. Yes, Nick, even with your cheeky face and all that shit. And to make matters worse, just what the fuck was that meeting last night all about? No, Nick, that was a rhetorical question, you don’t need to answer it. You really don’t need to answer… Look Nick, just shut the fuck up and listen, OK>

"You’re a fucking liability now, Nick. A serious fucking liability. You look like a pile of shit, and if you hang around any longer that could start to rub off on Theresa. And that just can’t happen, Nick, you know that. So the long and the short of it is, Nick - don’t cry Nick, it’s not helping - is that you have to fall on your sword now. No Nick, for fuck’s sake - Nick! NICK! - it’s a fucking metaphor! Put the fucking sword down you stupid cunt!

"Thank fuck for that. Now Nick, you’re basically toast. No Nick, I really don’t give a flying fuck if you think that’s a tasteless metaphor - in fact, I don’t even give a flying fuck that you apparently do know what a metaphor is after all - you’re stil toast. You’ve got to go. We’ve done a letter for you and everything, and you can be as ungracious and equivocal a twat as you want when you speak to the media, but you’re done.

“Oh, and your deputy has to go too - he’s in charge of housing isn’t he? What was his name again? Don’t take the piss Nick, just tell me his fucking name. Really? That’s really his name? Christ on a fucking bike, no wonder those pauper cunts won the seat. Just get the fuck out of it, keep your mouth buttoned and you’ll be OK. We’ll see to that.”