🔥 Grenfell Fire

:fire: Grenfell Fire


One thing that has slipped under the radar is the fridge manufacturer - whose fridges have got a tendancy to spontaneously combust?

Is this another hotpoint tumble dryer issue?


It would appear they have exaggerated quite a lot. All they’ve done is push forward the completion date a couple of months, for flats that were already designated for social housing(so not luxury).

“So an accurate way for the Government to have presented its action would have been to claim that it was using public funds to speed up the provision of social housing in Kensington that was already in the pipeline and specifically earmarking it for the benefit of ex-Grenfell residents.”


Hotpoint fridge apparently

Whirlpool, who owns Hotpoint, has urged anyone who thinks they may own one of the appliances of the model FF175BP or FF175BG to call 0800 316 3826.



What an absolute clusterfuck


I take it we’ve all heard this?


There are some vicious, horrible cunts around.



Camden Council cant win: they are urgently checking their high rise blocks (rightly) and moving people out where the fire service say it is not safe, while urgently having cladding removed (rightly). Some residents say they have not acted quickly enough, while others say its a massive overeaction as they have had fires before without major incident.


I agree, but they haven’t helped themselves by evacuating people at 2am. Why did they have to do that? It seems like a really, really shit idea. I know they started at 8pm (which is still rather late) but there are reports of people being woken at 1 or 2am.


I’m not joking, they should be housed in Buckingham palace. The queen went there to see people, time to put her (our) money where her mouth is.


The councils have no choice on their actions - they now know there is a problem, so if there was a fatal fire now, they’ve be in DEEP shit.

They do however have a choice about how they do things, and Kensington in particular are now putting themselves forward as a worse PR effort than the Tory election campaign.




You leftie snowflake militants are always moaning about the negatives!

Yes, 0/34 isn’t a great record - but the 35th one could well pass the test, so stop highlighting these minor issues.



Think its fair to assume also that not every bit of cladding in the country is being sent to be tested. Some will be examined to show / have proof that they do not have flammable content and thus are not of concern to the fire service etc and dont need to be tested further.



Conservative Central Office?



In social housing?


“The effort to clear the estate comes after the government revealed that all of the 34 high-rises that submitted building cladding samples for inspection after the Grenfell Tower disaster failed combustibility tests. Hundreds more blocks have still to be tested.”

Well done John McDonnell for speaking the truth.


With £1.5 billion now going to the DUP, perhaps we could also find £5k for the cladding that actually works?