🔥 Grenfell Fire

:fire: Grenfell Fire


Sadly there’s a clue in the name - “News”

Always looking for the latest new story to fill column inches or time on the telly box.

“Olds” aren’t sexy (not LITSL & SOG obviously)



That would be particularly inhumane if they used the intentionally homeless card.


This has been denied by the task force in charge.

Miscommunication? Volte face? Mischief making? Christ knows.


Just having a look at Shelter’s lowdown. Looks like people being busted for being 'intentionally homeless" is indeed a ‘thing’ at the very least.


Oh sadly I know it’s a thing. We deal with quite a few in social care. If they have children then housing send them to social care. Fingers crossed these families are not considered interntionally homeless as has already been suggested above.


68 apartments in a luxury block near the site has been aquired to house the survivors - blimey



Lammy is a shiiiite stirrrrer. :astonished:


Just read some very unpleasant comments about the charity record that has been released to provide extra funds for the victims. People slagging off the version, the singing, Cowell. Fucking hell. What does it matter? The whole point is to help to raise money for the victims. Why would anyone criticise that? There are some proper cunts in this country.


It is a charity record for a good cause and hopefully all the monies go to the right peeps…please :laughing:

Just because most of the notes are in the wrong order…little bit like the top ten hits of the day. :astonished:


It’s initially to pay for burials and for relatives to be able to make it to funerals, then to help people get furniture for new places.

I’m no fan of shit music, especially with the hand of Cowell on it - but anyone who thinks this is a shit idea is a bit of a twat.


Duplicate post :lou_facepalm_2:


That shit acts fast as well.

‘‘The toxicity of hydrogen cyanide to humans is dependent on the nature of the exposure. Due to the variability of dose-response effects between individuals, the toxicity of a substance is typically expressed as the concentration or dose that is lethal to 50% of the exposed population (LC50 or LD50). The LC50 for gaseous hydrogen cyanide is 100-300 parts per million. Inhalation of cyanide in this range results in death within 10-60 minutes , with death coming more quickly as the concentration increases. Inhalation of 2,000 parts per million hydrogen cyanide causes death within one minute.’’

Can be debilitating at concentrations as low as 20-40 ppm.


The council chief has done the right thing and stepped down.

Perhaps some of the ministers who ignored the fire safety reports after Lakanal House would like to follow his lead?..


The first 3 insulation tests in this video are quite damning, it was aluminium coated PIR (5:48 in the video for this test) used in the cladding wasn’t it? The comparitive spread of fire is frightening between PIR and the other materials.


Cowell has also donated £100k to the cause yet still he is being slagged off. There are some truly fucked up people in the country. I see also some people complaining that the value of their apartments could fall as a result of rehoused residents from Grenfell being moved in. Cunts.


Herein lies a problem from my viewpoint, why should you need to carry out checks after a fire? Do companies not know what products they are using, or the combustion state of these products? I am continuing to be confused and frustrated by this.


Just my six penothworth since they stopped using asbestos ( fire proof) but the dust is carcinogenic we have had a lack of fire retardant insulation in the industrial world.

the alternatives to asbestos do not deliver the same heat resistant qualities and at certain temperatures will combust giving off toxic fumes…

Asbestos if used correctly not only prevents fires is also safe for humans.

but HSSE regulations determine that it is not allowed.


Some 600 tower blocks have similar cladding!


If they know that they should move the persons in those blocks out to hotels if necessary until precautions are in place to prevent further tragedy’s