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I’ve just watched the Panorama documentary. Bravo, BBC. It was difficult to watch, but it needed to be watched.

Their resident estimate is 600 peeps. Fuck,




At 600 that would be about 5 per flat. I’ve visited a family of 1 mum, 6 kids in a 2 bed plus a granny who spends a lot of time there. Some places don’t class that as overcrowding. Which is utterly shit.


One of the most damning lines in that Panorama documentary was the audio footage of the firefighter, asking twice “how is that possible?”.


Was very moving when that little old lady met up with the guy who dragged her out from the 11th floor.


A pretty powerful documentary.

What struck me was the stark contrast between a diverse yet tight community attempting to cope in the throes of grief and the total ineptitude of those charged with governing said community.

More compassion, leadership, organisation and plain gumption was displayed by kids in this traumatized community than any of those whose only fucking job should be ensuring that the welfare needs of this community are met.

The total failure of local and central government to provide an immediate and effective response is a fucking disgrace. A scandal which should not be forgotten by this or any other community.

There is not a lot wrong with the people who make up our communities. Not a lot wrong with our society. Apart from the useless, self-serving cunts we trust to run it.


Anyone else notice that this topic is disappearing from the main headlines? I’d be the last person to suggest that the Finsbury Park attack should not be reported, but I would have expected the Panorama documentary, broadcast at half eight last night, to have loomed large in all the leaders.

Perhaps more than any other event in recent living memory, the press has to stay on top of this and hold the government and council to account.


May be the Government have sat and squashed it the unemployed Welsh kid was a loss leader to distract everybody from the real issues…

not saying that Finsbury park was a put up job.


Boris now coming under attack for his pandering to the ‘health and safety gone mad, innit’ brigade.

Remembering when Boris Johnson said health and safety measures were for ‘extremely stupid people’


Some joy in amongst the tragedy.




Thanks for sharing that, really lovely.

Those firefighters are absolute effing heroes. The lot of 'em.


He was a resident not a firefighter. Plenty of heroes that night.


Oh wow, my mistake.

Even more incredible. What a guy.


This does to be the way these days with the news - they seem to move on to the next shiny thing really quickly


I’m not sure the “look over there” tactic is going to work with Londoners.

All they have to do is look toward North Kensington.


Not sure it is a “tactic” - just an indicment on the media and their frantic efforts to be first to everything - hence the shite standard of reporting these.

Look at the BBC website - Finsbury park is now behind the Barclays charges, why our interest rates didnt go up and some crap that trump said



BBC 6pm news featured the Fire / aftermath pretty heavily - 2nd item reported and before Finsbury attack. Said that all those who have lost homes etc have been found new temporary accommodation now.