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:fire: Grenfell Fire


IF there is anything in old Council Minutes referencing the aesthetic look of the tower and how it needed cladding to make it look better for everyone else (as some have suggested), the council is absolutely fucked.

And rightly so.


All boroughs have been asked to see if there are 4 social workers (2 childrens & 2 adults) to work with people for 2-3 weeks as support. I am on leave and at Glastonbury the next 2 weeks otherwise I’d have volunteered. Think it will be more than 2-3 weeks really.


Is the councils responce any way related to the electorate voting in a Labour MP


Heard on the radio this morning that the residents will be getting £5,500 each today to buy clothes etc

About time too


It’s hard to understand why it has taken so long for the local council to get its act together. Local government must have a legal requirement to have contingency plans for major disasters like this yet we have seen days of faffing and a total lack of leadership from those in the authorities. We used to pride ourselves on how we function in an emergency but this time it seems to have been a total clusterfuck. Good to see that the help is finally getting through to those who need it but why has it taken days to sort it out?


Rabbits in headlights spring to mind


Seems ridiculous, but the Tories do have a history of funding their marginals pretty well.


If anyone should have been overawed it’s the fire service, but they did everything they could and more.

When the council has staff available to hand deliver letters about dog shit yet they can’t offer information on where children will be living tonight, that’s beyond belief.


Simply not up to the job. Every one of the cunts should resign.


It took May less than 24 hours to pledge financial support for Tory MP’s who lost their seats at the election she called and fucked up.

It’s taken one of her cohorts (not her, incidentally) 6 days to say the same for those who have lost everything in the fire.

Tells me all i need to know about the modern Conservative Party.


One of my colleagues has volunteered from our team to go help over the next few weeks. I don’t know why we weren’t contacted earlier really.


Has there been any reports as to how many people are still unaccounted for? Has there been any confirmation as to the number of survivors against a list of residents? I read the link that Pap posted and the numbers I am seeing in the news don’t match up. Or more accurately I don’t want them to add up. 79 missing/presumed dead, out of what, 600-650 residents? Is that number correct? So what number of residents have been confirmed as safe?



Without the skills to hack Police records this is the only resource I can find.


Thanks GB. Not that it makes me feel any better. So the total number of residents accounted (survived/hospital/missing/deceased) for on that spreadsheet is 234, (if I have added that up right) and if so the initial reports of around 600 residents is far too high?


That is the only info I can find. 120 flats in that block so 234 people seems low to me. You’d think the council would have a definitive list of residents but who knows.


This is what’s confusing me, i’ve seen reports of approx 24 people per floor which would get near to the 600 mark, and others that say 120 1 and 2 bedroom flats, so that would be 240 people max if they were all 2 bedroom flats and only 1 occupant per room per bed but that seems highly unlikely to me. I just don’t get it. I shudder to think at how many people could still be missing.


Have a read of this Gav. Explains some of the delay.


This is the concerning bit.

Unfortunately, nobody knows precisely how many people were in the building at the time. The figure is probably in the hundreds - but estimates have varied wildly between 100 and 600. The leader of Kensington Council says it’s of the order of “several thousand.”

If the council leader has at last got something right, it’s a far bigger disaster than anyone has even imagined. Let’s hope the twats just completely wrong again.

Personally, i think somewhere between 100-500 murdered will be the outcome.


There were reports of one woman with four kids. This is London, overcrowded anyway, and many of the residents hail from places which have a rather different definition of overcrowding. They’re also much more likely to have temporary guests staying over, what with it being London and many having relatives that want to come visit.

I think we’d all love the resident count to be 234 at this point, and the death toll not to get any higher. We’ve got a country wide overcrowding problem which we simply don’t have the supply to address. Not every place is overcrowded, but there’s often no place to go for those that are.

Hopefully, those upper bounds of 650 are high of the mark, but what concerns me about Grenfell is that it had all the risk factors for overcrowding.


I can certainly understand some of those reasons, what doesn’t sit well with me is the use of the term ‘‘missing/presumed dead’’, I would rather know the total number of ‘missing’ or ‘unaccounted for’, sadly though I have a feeling this number is higher than the 79 being reported, but I can’t begin to imagine how traumatic it is for those closest involved to be drip fed a daily and increasing death toll. Big assumption on my part but that’s how I feel about it. Just confused/upset/frustrated at this whole situation.


Interesting and incredibly sad panorama on the fire was just on. They said that fire brigade sources had told them that the fire in the kitchen that started it had been put out which is why people were told to stay put but then it spread through the cladding.