📺 GOOD SHOWS (no capeshit pls)


Why did you lot do to Dr Who?
Pregnant men & Ghostbusters monsters?
Oh dear


Beavis and Butthead. Still stupidly hilarious.


Homeland dropped on Netflix while I was away.
We never saw the last season S6?
Been catching up of late, actually think it was their best in terms of conspiracies and depth of characters.


Got to say it again - Ray Donovan - did not think it could maintain the level of excellence but this current series is just superb… brilliantly acted all round, sharp script and ridiculous mad plot that is made believable by the superb character portrayals … brilliant


Sorry if anyone has mentioned it already but Star Trek Discovery is back next Friday on Netflix.

Also Danger Will Robinson is back “soon” apparently.

Going to watch the latest Vikings on Amazon now.

Good times.


Tell me about it. Freight will take 50 days to get to Poland, and with Disco back, no way I was going without the TV that long - it’s going by airfreight!


Really enjoyed Tin Star. Also would like to go to Canada.


I like the lead. He was excellent as Titus Pollo in Rome.


And looks a bit like Sotonians beer pal Lee.


I pretty much… no in fact I did binge this today and a bit of last night.


This is the problem with being an old sci fi genre nerd.

Not only has Groundhog Day been done, but the concept has been done in pretty much every sci fi show of note, plus there has already been an entire show built exclusively on the premise, which wrapped 14 years ago.

Is it any better than Tru Calling, Nik?


Never watched it or even heard of Tru Calling. Never seen Groundhog Day either.
So let me enjoy what I enjoy. Some others may too.


Groundhog Day is a masterwork. I’d plug that gap sooner rather than later.

And it wasn’t a dig at you. It was the weary resignation of someone that has seen it all before.


I remember scrubs did this format so well that I questioned my sanity as to whether I had put in the wrong DVD or just misremembered (FoldyB is 'misremembered an actual word?) how the episode panned out.


That was the cute actress who played the baddie in Buffy.


Indeed it was. Elisha Dushku, who always did a combination of sultry and slightly pissed off very well. Five by five.


Discovery S2 has become episodic Star Trek


Been watching True Detective season three. Don’t remember much about the second season, except that it was hard work at times, following a property deal or somesuch. I got through it, but only out of a sense of obligation.

This is excellent. Mahershala Ali is the lead, playing himself in three different time periods, a 1980 cop investigating what he presumes is a double child murder, a 1990 cop being told one of the children is potentially alive, and a 2015 widower, reflecting on it all.

Excellent, dark stuff - recalling the broken and shady world the first season shone a light on.


Had a few hours to myself so caught up with later seasons of Black Mirror.
The social media one was thought provoking, the Bees one was just genius, the one after that, be right back is just a mind fvck.
Again, genius writing and next gen TV


Alan Partridge… is back

‘Alice Klunt’’

Its "Alice Fluck’’

Oh I see what I did there…


I have powered through Mad Men in the last few weeks with my part time role (I will try to find a course/job to take up a bit more of my time). 7 series (though I’d watched series 1 last year). I love the vintage clothing etc but struggled with liking anyone much and thought most of them would have died due to drink driving/liver failure/syphilis. It’s good in that it shows that period of history in New York.