📺 GOOD SHOWS (no capeshit pls)

I avoided watching Peaky Blinders for ages even tho it’s Birmingham cos I thought the name sounded twee, but I have watched it now & caught up & it’s really good! The second season has Tom Hardy in it! I love Tom Hardy!

I like how every role Tom Hardy does a different silly accent! In this he was doing like a cockney Jew + it was nearly as good as his Bane voice! Off top of my head, I can think of him doing a Welsh in that one where he was in his car, and like a retard american in that one where he was working in that bar, and I spose the one where he was Ultimate Warrior, and then there was that weird Oz mumble in Mad Max, and I spose I’m missing loads too!

Check out Tom Hardy Peaky Blinders good acting work!

What is other shows you r watching on?


Ripper Street - great series

Dr Foster - gripping stuff

and I loved The Go Between and I will love Cider with Rosie

A friend of mine recommended Penny Dreadful. I scoffed at her suggestion, but gave it a go and it’s amazing. V gothic and based on a graphic novel. Visually stunning and the acting and writing is top notch. No Tom Hardy and his wonky accents but what the hey. Eva Green is amazing and Rory Kinnear equally.

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Cant beat Tom Hardy in The Drop. Genius. But another vote for Peaky from me.

I think its a couple of years old, but I have just started on Orange is the new Black. Will report back if I stick with it.

Peaky Blinders is superb.

Cillian Murphy who plays the main character is excellent as is the drawing of his character. At first I had fears that he was too enigmatic and that he didn’t really carry the physical threat that his character needs to carry the story. But instead of bigging up his hard-man side, the writers have shown him as vulnerable and that he can be physically bested, but he’s relentlessly driven and determined.

If you haven’t watched it. Watch it.

Following a recommendation on here some time ago I tried to watch Newsroom, but it wasn’t on the Sky Boxed Sets page. I noticed the other day that it had appeared and so I watched the first couple of episodes last night. Really enjoying it as I knew I would.


Peaky I loved - another show good at making you root for the nasty villan a la Sopranos. Ripper Street got better and better as the series came to an end. Great acting and good writing. Dr Foster is really interesting. Cant work out where it is going but the writing is true. I just hope it doesnt give us a cop out ending. Better than The Affair for me. Penny Dreadful, hmmm. Enjoyed it when it started then it got a bit silly but improved towards the end of the last series with her back story. Very dark. Thought Lady Chatterly’s Lover was a bit tame. Aquarius on Tuesday nights is worth a look if you like period pieces. 60s offering following the Charles Manson story fleshed out with a fictional sideshow featuring David Duchovny as a flat top cop with an eye for the ladies (no change there then).

This year’s season of South Park is quite interesting. It has never been a show afraid to make big changes, even if it did backtrack on stuff like Kenny being dead. I’ve seen three episodes of this season so far, and unlike most episodes of South Park, where something crazy ends up happening only for the reset button to be pushed, there is a lot of stuff carrying through from one episode to the next.

So far, it’s had a go at Caitlin Jenner and Donald Trump. This week marked the arrival of the hipster crowd, as Kenny’s run-down neighborhood (just his house and another) become the centrepiece of a gentrified redevelopment. Amused with all three episodes, but South Park can pull other emotional punches. Not for the first time, they managed to spring tears from my eyes with a more heartfelt scene in the third episode.

Well worth a watch. Matt and Trey have still got it.

I didnt find the film thread.

Trailer for The Revenant … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRfj1VCg16Y

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Emmanuel Lubezki, first movie to be filmed only with natural light.

I’ve got them on Sky+ ready for a watch.

Personally I think people are quite snobby about South Park, and it is more important as a social commentary piece (due to the way they decide to write episodes) than Family Guy and The Simpsons.

And also, Randy is fucking hilarious!


Emmanuel Lubezki

I recommend this film


I think I’m putting Gotham on my list of good shows. Last season had a definite purpose, even if was unwieldy in getting there. This season, Rise of the Villains, has been very good so far, and this is coming from someone that refuses to watch the final seasons of Smallville on a point of you’ve-strung-me-along-far-too-long principle.

The show loves to tease the audience. A new character this year is a dead ringer for Batman’s arch-villain Joker, although I’m not certain that’s going to be the case. Proto-joker, maybe. Regardless, Gotham is an unforgiving city; I’ve often been surprised at how much blood is in the series (probably more than in any of the films, barring TDK). Gotham is a good show. There, I said it.

Everyone’s been banging on about it recently, but i’d like to add Netflix’s own “Narcos” to the list. It follows Pablo Escobar from his relatively small beginnings as a smuggler in Colombia through until he became one of the most powerful and wanted criminals in the world. The trailer below portrays the show as much more glitzy and glamorous than it really is, but I couldn’t find a trailer that accurately depicts the mood of it all. It’s brutal, bloody, violent and fucking brilliant.

I’d also like to add in that Wagner Moura (as Escobar) is phenomenal, have followed his career since I saw “Elite Squad” a few years ago and hope that he gets a good name from this show.


Warning, this is a documentary and some of you may have seen it before.

Oliver Stone’s Untold history of the United States. It’s a ten episode run, ranging from the end of the second world war to Obama. Like most histories, he’s had to pick and choose what to include, but even so, it’s a very decent primer into the sort of shenanigans that the US has gotten up to since the end of the second world war.

This’ll be no surprise to anyone, but the vast majority of its military actions have certainly been immoral, many even illegal. Many, including Iran in 1953, were simply about advancing the interests of US companies, 50 years before the invasion of Iraq.

If nowt else, the show does put the lie to the idea that the US lost its moral authority over Iraq. Some estimates put the number of foreign nationals killed by US military actions since WW2 as high as 30 million. This show, with its examination of how the US has essentially been bang at it for seven decades, gives you a good idea of how it happened.

I 2nd Narcos as the best drama of the year. Funniest comedy by a mile was ‘people just do nothing’, very well made and acted. I have never seen a funnier or more accurate depiction of doing pills than they did in the final episode. Very pleased to hear they were given the contract for a 3rd and 4th series.


The Spaced episode where they all go clubbing is pretty sweet, Tokes.

I’ll check it out.

Doctor Foster was very good. It was interesting to have a main character in a difficult situation that wasnt played symathetically.