📺 GOOD SHOWS (no capeshit pls)

:tv: GOOD SHOWS (no capeshit pls)


My partner will do max 2 episodes. What’s that about?

Enjoyed first episode of Killing Eve.


I finished it. It’s good fun, if a bit silly, but they play it in a way that makes the far fetched acceptable. We’ll made and good acting all round i thought. More believable than the government’s efforts.
Only downside, oh can’t say until you finish it :lou_facepalm_2:


Have a day off mate


It’s to similar not to mention. Sorry, but you’ll see.


S2 Travels with my father.
Just lovely daft tv.
A perfect gentle evening of entertainment. Sure much of it is S1 in different locations but sometimes just watching a grumpy old fart can be therapy.
Dad is the perfect straightman
So wish I could have done that then realised my kids had to do it most summer vacations…


The other evening I decided to continue with the first episode of season 3 of “The Man In The High Castle”
It didn’t take long to remind me that I had, like a lot of other’s, grown increasingly frustrated at the complexity of the storyline.

Backwards and forward in time and across into a parallel Universe in which The Allies had actually won WW2 and characters killed in season one reappeared living a happy and contented family life in series two.

Was the convoluted plotting worth sticking with? I gave up halfway through the first episode of season 3.


I gave up at the end of series 1. You’ve just reaffirmed why I won’t be giving it a go.


Mrs C_S watched all of 1 & 2 and enjoyed it.

I really tried to keep the interest up but I suspect I’ll give 3 a swerve.

Changing the subject, does anyone know when Danger Will Robinson is back on? (Yes, I know it’s not called that but you know the one I mean)


Fuck Whitehall and all his works.

He bought his jokes from other writers and stole the Dad idea from Adam Buxton, ably aided at the time by Louis Theroux

Bucky did it better.


Just finished Better Call Saul. S’all good, man, as the man says himself. A diverting season finale, with Mike dealing with the fallout from Werner’s recent flight, the pieces of the Gus Fring empire falling into place, and Jimmy’s appeal hearing for his reinstatement as a lawyer.

This year is probably the first that I’ve been watching it week to week. Bob Odenkirk is a great lead, showing a huge amount of versatility in the various scams he pulls. His final scam of the season was brutal, taking in the court appeal board, Kim Wexler and the audience. I was fooled.

The show conveys information brilliantly. The cold open of Kim and Jimmy growing apart was genius. Shot in split-screen, the camera showed the same overall scene. At the start, Kim and Jimmy are swapping into each others’ halves of the screen. By the end, when they move into each others halves, they get cut off. They’re not in the same place. It’s genius.

Our characters are two years away from the start of Breaking Bad. This season has got both Mike and Jimmy to the point where they are almost indistinguishable from the characters in those shows. Slipping Jimmy is gone. Jimmy McGill is changing his name. But do you know what? It’s all good, man.


Bastard. I was saving that for Friday and a pizza as Mrs C_S is out on a work do…


We’ve finished Killing Eve and I really enjoyed it and looking forward to more. One of the best things I’ve seen for a while.



Pizza beer and BCS


What do I watch now that is as good?


Ozark is back. As grey and wintry as ever. Jason Bateman balancing Heroin Growers with Mexican Drug Cartels and family in the middle of nowhere.
A continuing domestic soap opera of clusterfuck leading to clusterfuck.
It is absorbing but not binge watchable, a bit deep and heavy at times.
Black Mirror. Now that is deep heavy shit. That I manage in 1 episode bites. Clever and disturbing in equal measure.
Both a good antidote for a few days binge watching Iron Fist 2 which fills empty evenings, just


I’m two episodes into Killing Eve after so many recommendations and have enjoyed it so far. Tonight I’ve started watching The Haunting of HillHouse on Netflix. It’s been very good so far. 10 episodes in total. A good length ss they say


Two episodes into The Haunting of House Hill and I’m hooked.

I can’t wait till I watch the next episode and that is enough for me to say it’s great. Let’s hope the rest is as good.