📺 GOOD SHOWS (no capeshit pls)

:tv: GOOD SHOWS (no capeshit pls)


There was a darned good show on telly today. Possibly the greatest and most modest star ever.
Sky Sports Golf.
Yep I was on it. You need to watch, dang that golf course made me look good



Best thing I’ve seen on the Beeb for a while, well at least since The Bodyguard finished.


It’s next on the list, I think Jodie Comer is an excellent actress. She was great in Thirteen and My Mad Fat Diary.


Did I read that Phoebe Posho-Funnylady (don’t know her actual name - lass that did Fleabag) wrote it?

Looks really good though. Keen to give it a go.


Yep she did.


Impressive. Clearly a talented lady. Fleabag had me howling.

Defo need to check this out.




Bang to rights. Work in progress to forget all the sexist language that is so indoctrinated.


There’s a good girl.


Really enjoyed it, struck a perfect balance of black comedy and drama. Pheobe Waller-Bridge’s writing made it. The original source was kind of generic and she did really elevate the whole thing. Jodie Comer was great though. She has a hard scouse accent in real life.

BBC is on an amazingly good run of Drama’s. “Trust” is great, also “Press” is a pretty good drama.


I should type quicker, there’s 5 replies :roll_eyes:


Yep loving Killing Eve. Genius stuff.

Balances well with my long overdue catching up with The Wire.


I’ve started Press too. Nice to see Ben Chaplin back on screen again.

Just finished the Bodyguard. Enjoyable enough entertainment.


Just finished Killing Eve. Now I feel at a loss. Great writing, top acting. Had me completely gripped. That’s a bit of a generic review, but I’ve only just stopped watching and I’m still processing how much fun I had.


After catching up with the Ryder cup last night on iplayer, i gave the first episode a go, as everyone seems to agree its worth a watch.
I made it to the end without considering turning it off(unusual) and liked how they put it together. Will have a look at a bit more later today.


So, what’s this Ryder Cup all about? I’ve heard a lot of people banging on about it…


Some bloke called Phil goes on holiday to France. The rest is just balls, makes no sense at all and the place looks overcrowded. Wouldn’t be my choice of a holiday destination.


From what I can tell it seems to be one of those hilking documentaries, with booze in the evening.


Fucking idiots have got weird walking sticks and looking at amount they take with them, shit quality.
Maybe it’s a big brother kind of program in a posh mental health sanatorium. “Day 1 and Phil is in the porta camera room. There’s a cue outside, but Phil isn’t bothered, he’s telling big brother about holding a rope that magically keeps 100s of camera men back”.
I think they’re pushing plausibility to far.


Yeah, watched a few eps of Killing Eve on Sunday with her. I get the hype.

Now just annoyed she’s useless at binge watching and this is gonna be dragged out for ages