📺 GOOD SHOWS (no capeshit pls)

:tv: GOOD SHOWS (no capeshit pls)


“Better Call Saul” is different to Breaking Bad, from a dramatic POV, but just different in character development. Vince Gilligan is an absolute genius.


And quite addictive- hence posting at 1:20an after watching just one more…



Succession on Sky Atlantic is strangely good - not without humour to. Old Murdoch style cunt Brian Cox heads up a global media empire and a weird mix of dysfunctional children who all want a bigger roll. Good for an afternoon when hangover is outstaying it’s welcome or what is fair


I’ve bigged up Goliath, Billy Bob Thornton’s legal show, big style before I enjoyed the first season a lot. I did the second season during quieter moments of the bank holiday weekend, finishing it off tonight.

Compelling stuff. It is a messy, quite gory show this time out - not in terms of being badly directed - but more riffing on the cavalcade of consequences when shit goes wrong.

No spoilers, but some of the highlights for me were utter bastards as bad guys, the overall care that is taken on the ensemble shines through and the arc of Billy McBride, drunk and happy off his share of his huge legal win, goes from apathetic over-moneyed boozer to the most committed version of himself he’s ever been.

Great series. Superior second season, leaving us perfectly poised for the third.


I have never seen an episode of long lost family without weeping like a baby. I’ve been doing a bit of catch up tonight. My eyes hurt and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Mrs Fatso thinks I’m a cunt (although there are other reasons for that as well)


Amazon Prime new flagship reboot of Jack Ryan
Proper CIA and bad guy shit and filmed on location and guns and stuff


The CIA are the bad guys, so that should read “Proper shit and filmed on location and guns and stuff”. :grin:
On a serious note, have you read any Harlem Coben? Similar stuff, but the main character(Myron Bolliter) is now a sports agent and his best mate is a golf nut. They save the world and there’s generally an unexpected twist or two. All in 4-5 hundred easy pages(3 if the print wasn’t so big). Easy reading fun and i would think right up your street.


Reading? meh can’t do that while sitting with Mrs D_P each evening
Jack Ryan is basically Homeland without the batshit crazy bitch


So tge show stays true to the canon of Jack Ryan. He is an analyst in terror funding not Russia this time. James Greer is his boss and like Red October Jack plays a hunch and the difference in the show is he is on the road with Greer.
It has a decent plot line building on Israeli attacks on Lebanon through current Syria and onwards.
We get action scenery and even a glimpse of the horrors of drone pilots and the refugee train.
Good show, but more a ripping yarn than a deep and edgy tale, so for that it stays true to Clancys’ storytelling style.
It ain’t Peaky Blinders or even Fargo & sure isn’t q Preacher but we are already on episode 6!


Sorry, was thinking of Reacher, not Ryan. You mentioned reading them for travel/hols.



That was our 1st one day binge watch series for a long time.
Tom Clancy is listed as an exec producer, and they really did turn out a page turner show.
Didn’t go too dark or too edgy yet the beach scene in Turkey and the zero dark thirty stuff was cracking tv


Finished the first season on The Medicis on Netflix. Quite enjoyed it but struggled a little the casting due to ages of people.
New season is set about 20 years later when most of the current casts characters are dead.


Fargo. S3.
What’s wrong?
The world.
Most true line ever said in a tv show


Don’t like the programme myself but the C_S family are not best pleased with the tinkering.

Dr Who is for Saturday evenings. Apparently



Gotta throw some love out for American Vandal, which started out as a homebrew Vimeo show before getting a lot of money thrown at it by Netflix.

It’s laugh out loud funny, quite filthy and best of all, is a great mystery. So much hilarious small detail too.

I’ve just finished the first season. Getting stuck into season two tonight.


Just did episode one. Can see it has potential and will watch more later, but I’ve just remembered I haven’t watched this weeks Better Call Saul…


Plenty to discuss then. First off, have you seen any more of American Vandal?

Next, Better Call Saul is increasingly another Breaking Bad, more so even. In the first show, there was a lot of time spent on Walt keeping things secret from Skylar and Walt Jr. In this show, everyone is breaking bad, with this week’s episode a particular example. Kim Wexler, shown to be straightening up in the last episode, engages in an epic court room scam with Jimmy, and she loves it. She wants more. I fear for ze Germans :smiley:

Finally, I’ve done what almost everyone else in the country has done and have watched The Bodyguard. It really deserves the acclaim. The sort of thing that makes you proud to pay your licence fee, at least until the news comes on :wink:


Watched episode 2 of American Vandal - like it, but have been snowed under with work the last week.

I even missed latest BCS - will try to catch up at some point this weekend. Am enjoying it more than B.B. but I think it’s because I watched BB first, if you know what I mean?

What’s this Bodyguard thing? Mrs C_S has watched it and have seen some news stories but it passed me by…


We are on episode 4 of Bodyguard. After all the hype. There was a lot of talk of edge of your seat stuff but I am not so sure about that. Some things seem a bit obvious. A lot seems quite unbelievable. Richard Madden is v good as the lead. Hopefully shaking off the Rob Stark character.


A few episodes into Killing Eve on the eyesPlayer. It’s great fun. A wry action comedy thriller about psychopaths. There’s a couple of slightly BBC-grade acting jobs, but the two main women are absolutely brilliant; Sandra Oh as the obsessive special agent, Jodie Comer as the hilariously amoral hitwoman. It’s like Heat but with good jokes and a light touch.