📺 GOOD SHOWS (no capeshit pls)

:tv: GOOD SHOWS (no capeshit pls)


To be honest it was very early and couldn’t come up with a suitable word for a small forest (the series being small - geddit?)

I suppose wood could have sufficed. The log I was dropping at the time wouldn’t have…




Is it more of a “copse”?


More of a corpse judging by the fragrance



Really enjoying revisiting the BBC’s original ‘House of Cards’ - Ian Richardson was just perfect as one the most hideous ‘fictional’ political characters ever committed to screen. Also have an older VHS (Remember those?) copies of Porterhouse Blue screened on Channel 4 in the late 80sin which he was also brilliant. The Us makes some great shows, but I love these older British classics


You may think that AG, but I couldn’t possibly comment




I’ve been watching Cobra Kai, at TV series that serves as a sequel to the Karate Kid movies. It focuses on the defeated antagonist from the first movie, who is not doing all that well, in a city where Daniel Larusso, hero of the first film, is financially doing very well as owner of the city’s premier car dealership.

It is billed as a comedy drama; I’ve had a few laugh out loud moments with it already, but it’s a charming show. At 25 minutes an episode, it doesn’t outstay its welcome and is a lot better than I was expecting.


I finished watching the Netflix series called “Safe” the other day so that none of you have to. It’s pretty shit. I should be compensated for sticking by it. I feel like I’ve been fisted by the internet.


I’ve been keeping up with the same two shows, and I don’t care what @Bearsy thinks. One of them could be termed as fantasy, but isn’t all fiction?

I am entirely up to date with Better Call Saul, which becomes more the Breaking Bad prequel than the legal drama it was before, not discounting Slippin’ Jimmy, of course.

Suspending your disbelief for a few wrinkles is a small price to pay when you’re getting to see standout episodes like Jimmy’s bar hearing last season, or the rise of Gus Fring in this one. The last couple of episodes have been as ruthless as many episodes of Breaking Bad. If only George Lucas had done his prequels so well.

Massive props to Michael McKean, who played Chuck, Jimmy’s elder, smarter and more neurotic brother. I’ve followed his career for decades and this is undoubtedly his best work that I’ve seen. He’s noted for appearing in light hearted, improvisational stuff. Chuck really is a tour de force for him. Proper acting chops.

The other show I don’t miss is Preacher. I have watched a lot of “genre shows” over my time. At my age, unless I’m very bored, I can’t take on commitments to shows if I feel like I’ve seen them before, or if they’re internally repetitive or formulaic.

I have seen so many shows involving supernatural forces it is unreal, so Preacher really shouldn’t do it for me. It does. It’s one of the most fucked up shows I can remember in a long time, has fantastic world building, and isn’t strictly capeshit.

It’s wild from episode one onward and well worth your time.


Didn’t realise Better Call Saul was a prequel to Breaking bad. Am still ploughing through that - in fact am having a little break as I type (on S5 ep6).

Will visit BCS at some point. Thanks @pap


S’all, good, man.


Just started Better Call Saul - (on S1 ep3) - warming to it.


I started it last night…episode one the usual, rater dull scene setter. Onward.


Started Fargo last night.
Love the “oddness” but find it is demanding more concentration than I have in my stressed up powerpoint world at the moment.

I am also somewhat sadly, proud to announce that we are now completely up to date on Netflix’s core Defenders/Marvel- Verse.

Just The Punisher to go…


I’m confused.
No CAPESHIT. Fair enough. But what if you find yourself watching a decent and bloody CIA conspiracy theory show where the lead blows people away violently oesn’t wear a cape and has no superpowers yet it is a Marvel production?
The Punisher is a 2017 Netflix spin off from Daredevil. Like the TV Universe it is dark & set in New York.
Bad shit happens to a special ops team after they return from Afghanistan.
It is a very entertaining show. It would be a good story if it was from the Kiefer Sutherland universe let alone Marvel.
Very pleasant surprise 7.5/10 So far


I had some doubts about Jon Bernthal playing Frank Castle (only because I can’t stand the walking dead) but he’s great in this.


Didn’t mind the Punisher, although the character had a tighter run as a recurring antagonist in Daredevil season two.

This is my favourite scene from that.


Yes, the problem for us has been “delayed binge watching”. I guess we started the Marvel TV stuff back near February, followed a show through watched other stuff.
Think we almost got everything in the right order - except probably Luke Cage S2 should have come after The Defenders but a minor moment (and duplication of Misty losing an arm which seemed odd continuity wise.)

In Daredevil we didn’t know the complete backstory for Punisher. For me after all those shows in that universe it’s just unusual to see a Marvel (anti) hero blowing people’s brains out or knifing them in the back of the neck.

Right at the moment being knee deep in powerpoints, when we do need to flush the brain out in the evenings it is perfect TV.

Also noticed Ozark is back next week. That was decent in S1.
Also, cannot recommend enough having a catch up on ST Discovery though - it will clearly vanish from Netfllx soon - with the whole DVD & Blue Ray launch coming and the new season not too far away. S1 I was watching “with wonder” at the return of a legend and “marvelled” (sic) at the set piece scenes. In the re-watch I watched it as a proper TV show and it was much better and flowed more than I remembered it.