📺 GOOD SHOWS (no capeshit pls)

:tv: GOOD SHOWS (no capeshit pls)


So, I could link to the short version but you have to watch this version.

I watched \ listened to this on loop last week about 10 times.

Great music but great stories too. Especially the barber talking about his son \ daughter.


Well, episode 2 is half way through and has been pretty much awful. I just dont really get what he’s trying to do. There’s far too many infantile gags, yet I get the impression he thinks he’s saying something political and clever. He might be trying to, but he’s failing. All he’s really achieved is producing a shit TV show.


Suggest watching it again, knowing what you know…


But, hold on, are you a host @BTripz?

a. I don’t have the time / energy
b. It’s disappearing/disappeared from my NowTV subscription.


Don’t think this belongs here, but whatever.

My TV has a BBC iPlayer app in it and as part of their beta player program you can often see samples of UHD content. They used to have a jaguar in a jungle which was excellent.

Well at the moment the UHD content is the West Brom v Saints FA cup match from last season.

It’s being played on a non-stop loop and each time we win 2-1.

Quality is good too.


Hey Fatso. of course it’s infantile humour. SBC’s thing is pushing people into revealing truths. Who else could get a sitting Republican politician to do this. If it was sophisticated or convincing it wouldn’t work.



The main issue is he is so recognisable now. Hence the make up etc. I still think “Borat” is just a work of genuine brilliance.


I really don’t know how you break forums but that you can is impressive…


“Break forums” sounds a little dramatic I didn’t post a youtube video using the correct syntax or whatever. It’s not the end of the world.


Late to the party on this one but I’m loving it so far, bit like last of the summer wine but more swearing, less old people and set in a trailer park :lou_lol:


That’s a pretty good summary tbf


I’m up to episode 5 of The Forest, French drama on Netflix. It’s decent.


What’s it about @Fatso ?



A forest


I looked for it on Netflix but couldn’t find it for the trees.


I have some winter coats here in the attic…
I’ll get them for you @saintbletch


Turns out there were only 6 episodes in total so I’ve now finished it. I’m not going to say it was great but it was ok. Being just 6 episodes helps.


More of an small orchard than a forest then?



I’m missing the apple or fruit reference??

Was the show about scrumping?


Wood it have lasted longer if it was?
Scrumping or foraging?