📺 GOOD SHOWS (no capeshit pls)

:tv: GOOD SHOWS (no capeshit pls)


no, but I have started to walk a dog in a pram.


Last episode of Westworld last night, it all suddenly makes a whole lot of sense. Nicely placed for a third season as well.


Have just started watching Breaking Bad - I know I’m behind the times.

Just finished episode 3

I like it - a lot.

Love the soundtrack too - will be finding & downloding a lot of the music.


I’ve seen all of Prime Suspect. Brilliant show, a trip down memory lane for many, and entirely unwittingly, a series that charted how Britain, and the challenges of policing Britain, changed during its run.

The two seasons featuring Marlowe as antagonist, direct or otherwise, are masterfully done, but they’re essentially Ripper tales.

Most of the rest of the series is near its time. There is a set of episodes in which both the exploitation of immigrants and the prosecution of war crimes was handled.

There were a run of episodes covering institutional child abuse, conducted and controlled from high levels.

It is hard to watch Prime Suspect with the benefit of hindsight and see it entirely the same way. To wonder whether it is a case of art imitating life.

The final season was perfect. Tennison was portrayed as a fading power, too consumed by the job to see straight, getting lucky on her last case.


Series 2 episode 8 (IIRC) “Better Call Saul”


I know I give the BBC a hard time but I am loving Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing.


Echo the ITV thing… ‘Unforgotten’ series 3, just started and can be quite powerful - two detectives who investigate old cases when bodies turn up 20-30 years later - various threads/characters are introduced slowly who may or may not have been linked to the person when alive - first two series were very good.


Theme music is amazing.

Tried to watch it half way through last night’s episode but didn’t work on ITV player.

Had to agree to watch it another day and watched Orange is the new Black instead.

Can’t believe that…


Washington is dead !


Anyone watch Sacha Baron Cohen’s new show “Who is America” tonight?
The jury is very much still out for me. It made me LOL at times and others it felt really forced and a bit shit. I’m not sure he’s being clever enough because his victims are clearly just twats who want a bit of airtime, regardless of what is being said/done.
I’ll give it one more go and then decide if it’s worth persisting with…but it needs to improve a lot


Watched all of Godless in a few sittings whilst away. Really enjoyed it. Maybe a bit of a cliche ending. But cinematography was beautiful.
Also done 3 episodes of The Alienist which I am also enjoying.
Both on Netflix.


Watched the first two episodes last night, and loved it. Just two funny, likeable blokes arsing around, fishing, cooking, and arsing around some more. Perfect. If Kurt Vonnegut could have designed a TV show this would be it.


This series has now finished and there were some good points in it. I did laugh at the finale a fair bit. The line up for the next series looks more promising.

I’ve binged watched The Good Place tonight and it’s got better. I like it but I’ve also drunk half a bottle of gin.


Girl quite likes The Good Place, I struggle with it. It’s OK, and there’s some good bits but I struggle to get overly excited by it. Felt the twist was pretty telegraphed too, tbh.

Jameela is completely lovely, mind.


Know what you mean about this. I like it, it’s easy to have on in the room but it’s not one I think I must watch.


Westworld series 2. WTF?

I really enjoyed series 1 but even then I felt that I didn’t quite follow all the layers of character arcs set against multiple chronologies.

But things got worse in series 2 (for me) and whilst I made it to the end I felt I’d missed loads of the plot.

My negative review has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I never got to see Thandie Newton naked in series 2.


Other viewing on the plane ‘Get Shorty’ TV series, sort of based on Elmore Leonard’s novel. Pretty sure I read it back in the day. It’s sort of in the Breaking Bad type of arena. It’s got Chris O’Dowd (IT crowd) in it as main character.


I watched the series of Get Shorty. Chris o’dowd was inspired casting. Its very different from the film a la fargo albeit along a similar initial theme.
I really loved it. Well worth a look.



still regret not going up to Aaron Paul when he was with Pierce Brosnan at a Radiohead gig at the o2. Hardly anyone realised who he was, everyone was all about Pierce.


Who does the theme tune song? Very Scandi Noir