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:tv: GOOD SHOWS (no capeshit pls)


Up to Ep5 6 of Happy.

It continues to be utterly stupid and brilliant.

The fish dish in a Chinese restaurant

Fight scene in the kitchen Tempura face anyone?

The Vicar?

Imaginary Friends anonymous…

It is absolutely wrong but when Mrs D_P is loling at a chainsaw moment (she hates gore) you know they have it right.

Bloody love it


More on Happy.

A rotten Tomatoes score of 94%

Christopher Meloni’s deadpan descent from super detective to a good guy version of the baddies freom Home Alone is genius.

The reviews were on the 1st two episodes only. Trust me, the series gets darker and funnier at the same time.

I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that anyone who is sitting at home on a Friday night with a bottle of their tipple will be a mess on the floor by the time Saturday morning ticks over.

Oh, and you will NEVER, EVER EVER EVER!!! eat Meatballs again.

Forbes Magazine review


‘Happy!’ Review: Christopher Meloni’s Meta-Show Might Be The Most Insane Television Series Ever Made


I want a Unicorn.


Confirmed Expanse saved Prime have picked it up


Just for @philippinesaint

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Tonight was the last ever episode of Car Share. It may not be cool to like it, but I loved it. What a lovely series that has been. The recent ad-libbed episode was shit but other than that it’s been a nice, warm, gentle programme that me and Mrs Fatso have watched together and laughed and gone “awww” at the appropriate moments. I shout “they love each other” and “they’re going to get married” during every episode as the ice melts from my heart and I let the sunshine in. And anyone who doesn’t like it is a cunt.


I don’t know what car share is but i’m pleased for you mate


Mrs LITSL and I are totally with you on this @fatso 100%. Classic Brit comedy. :lou_lol:


The mini series Red Riding is on All 4 now, if you haven’t seen it is worth a watch. It’s not easy viewing due to the subject matter but I don’t think I’ve seen a better crime drama.


Critics and history are not generally kind to ITV. I will admit, it has rarely kept pace with the BBC on comedy. To put that into personal context, the last comedy shows I routinely watched from that channel were Spitting Image and Hale and Pace (underrated, and never properly recognised as the true kings of cruelty to animals comedy). That was 30 fucking years ago.

Still, their drama, especially their crime drama, has always been pretty good. I am presently watching Prime Suspect, something I’ve seen before but tends to get wiped with about a decade of solid intoxification. I remember very little of it. Fuck me, what a show.

They filmed tons of it outside, which immediately gives you the cars and the period in volumes. It’s chock full of actors that went on to become huge stars. Let’s do the list. Helen Mirren. Zoe Wanamaker. Ralph Fiennes. Colin Salmon. Peter Capaldi. David Thewlis. A very young Danny Dyer. Ciaran Hinds. And that’s just series 1-3, and just people that went onto much bigger things. You’ll likely recognise every mug in the lineup if you’ve watched British telly since.

It’s difficult to watch this show and not retrospectively think it a bit of genius, and have a bit of respect for the way they go about things. When they decide to do something, they throw a shitload of money at it and execute properly. We’ve had nowt much to laugh about since Spitting Image went off the air, the channel somewhat unwisely choosing to funnel all humour through the prism of Ant and Dec.

By fuck, Prime Suspect is amazing. Might do Cracker next.


I’m 8 episodes into The Rain on Netflix. It’s very good.


Haven’t heard of that one, thanks. Why do you like it?


It’s the sequel to car share.


It turns out that’s the last episode of series 1

i like it because it’s exciting and interesting!


I’m now watching Wild Wild Country on Netflix because Bob Mortimer recommended it and I love him



Binge watching Trailer Park Boys on Netflix

Getting better and better.

Up to series 8

must go to bed, after one more…maybe.


In quite a rare moment, I have three current terrestrial tv shows that I’m watching that I think are great.
24hrs in police custody
Long lost family - the follow up
Bride and prejudice

All interesting human interest stories.


Were all three of these mentioned on Athletico Mince?

24 hours in police custody definitely was.

I take you at your word, @Fatso, but I do reflect on the fact that all three of those shows sound eerily similar to Alan Partridge’s attempts to get a second series, and those were fucking ridiculous.

Who would ever commission Monkey Tennis, for example?


Never heard any of them mentioned on AM.

They’re all just very good programmes.


That’s the power of Andy and Bob’s programming, @Fatso. You don’t even realise you’re being programmed.

This is going to be an uncomfortable question, @Fatso, but I have to ask it.

In the last few months, have you ever inexplicably woken up in Sunderland surrounded by chicken dippers and blue drink?