📺 GOOD SHOWS (no capeshit pls)

:tv: GOOD SHOWS (no capeshit pls)


As the Bear appears to have exiled himself since his demise and marriage can we now mention cape shit on this thread?


May I respectfully point you in the direction of the thread title please?



Just watched episode 3 (season 2) of “Legion”. It’s just the most brilliantly original drama i’ve seen for a long time. Visually stunning. It’s starting to make sense a little! It’s on FX, you need to watch the the first season really, but I highly recommend it. Noah Hawley is the writer/director, same guy behind the Fargo reboot for TV.



Taskmaster is on again. Best show on telly.


Couldn’t be arsed to check back earlier on thread to see if I’ve mentioned this one but my new fave is Trailer Park Boys on Netflix.

Couple of low level sweary white trailer trash guys trying to make a living on, yep you guessed it, a trailer park in Nova Scotia - All recorded live by a documentary team.

Early series 1 fairly hard work without booze, but as the characters develop it gets funnier and booze not required.

One of the producers is Hunter Covington of My Name Is Earl fame. If you liked Earl then this one will grow on you.

Try it and stick with it.


Oh, Mrs C_S absolutely hates it (along with It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia)


‘Happy’ on Netflix, worth a few hours of your time if you like silly, violent, funny stuff :lou_smiley:


Having mentioned it BEFORE Trips, I can now confirm that Lost in Space remake is really entertaining loving to the canons of the original and actually well acted by all the kids

In fact it was bloody good TV and twisted the original very well


& Mrs C_S has just paused it for me to call the butler to refill her glass…


Westworld series 2… is confusing teh hell out of me…probably becuase I am entoxicated when I watch it… but I do like Delores :lou_is_a_flirt:


I’ve really enjoyed all the taskmaster series so far but this current one is shit. It’s not even that it’s just a bit below par, it’s pretty much rubbish. I dont like any of the panel. There’s no genuine humour or cleverness in anything they do. The show can normally carry one or maybe even two weak contestants, but not all of them.


There was an article in The Guardian about how TV drama’s are becoming more like narrative puzzles that you solve after watching and reading recaps on the web,

Legion, it’s just really fucking unfathomable without checking out forums afterwards to work out certain things. Though you can still enjoy it as an experience. It’s the best thing on TV right now, in my opinion. Noah Hawley, the guy behind the reboot of Fargo is the creative force behind it.

Mid season 1 opening scene …


Can’t let the week pass without sending out a huge congratulations to our very own Dr Barry Gale.

His inspiration led to @bigtomd creating Murder in Successville- an epic and stupid show.

For which he won a BAFTA last week.

I will forever be convinced that it was Fonte’s Bentley that proved the spark.

Well done Tom Davis


Barry… on Sky (not our Bazza) darkly black comedy of a hitman suffering life crisis and turning a hand at acting… 3 episodes in and its still funny and interesting


Wow. Happy.

What an absolute insane clusterfuck of a story/concept.

Into episode 2 and already laughing out loud at gruesomeness of chainsaw massacre proportions.

Warped weird and starring a Jack Nicholson impersonator and a blue cartoon unicorn.

I read that back and wonder how I typed that sober so wtf did the people smoke to come up with this.

I think it’s hilariously wrong on every level.

Real world Roger Rabbit for grown ups maybe?


Just how did they pitch this show?

So it’s got this blue unicorn that snorts Come, Jerry Springer and jokes and people getting their socks or fingers chopped off…


Never in doubt…

Although a bloody nose for Netflix!

Great news



I’m sure it must have been mentioned on here but I can’t be arsed to check… Stranger Things is great. I’m rather late to it but have got to ep2 of season 2 in no time at all.


It’s excellent on so many levels. The kids should annoy the time period and music should be cheesy but it is not.

Worth reading some of the interviews with the writers/directors when you finish to see some of the influences. Or catch the “after shows” which explain some stuff very well

It also makes you more receptive to the wonderful kitsch of Ready Player One movie which should be around to watch soon