📺 GOOD SHOWS (no capeshit pls)

:tv: GOOD SHOWS (no capeshit pls)


Ok Steve.


I’ve had the Vatican on the blower overnight.

They want to emulsion over the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and replace it with the phrase “Ok Steve”.

Didn’t want to say yes without getting permission from our extremely talented artist. What say you, Tokes, creative colossus of our times?


If you lot ever have a night out in Bangkok don’t use the name Steve.

Was used by some stag weekenders. Think that name is still a person of interest to the authorities.

Just saying



I can’t take credit Pap, it’s Glogowski, him and Carlyle are in my opinion creative colossus.




Obviously it is excellent. The Hmm was more whether it should now be classed as a documentary…



I’m on episode 6 and loving it - without having a fucking clue what is going on.

Ian McShane steals most scenes he’s in as usual except perhaps those featuring Gillian Anderson who turns up as a different icon each time we see her - Lucille Ball, Marilyn Munroe and David fucking Bowie.

Any show that introduces a bar-brawling 6’5" leprechaun that has lost his lucky coin is pretty much out there, but this is something else.

In one episode we followed an immigrant to New York getting himself arse-fucked in the most explicit man-on-man gay scene I’ve ever seen. The ‘giver’ in the scene has a fire inside him such that he has to wear sunglasses to hide the fire in his eyes. Anyway, the ‘giver’ had a ‘gift’ that would make anyone limp and as he came inside the ‘receiver’ we see fire flowing from the one and into the other.

All of that is ‘fine’ but it had no relation to anything we’d seen up to that point and it hasn’t yet been picked up again. It was simply 5 minutes and a couple of scenes on non-sequitur. I’m guessing the characters (particularly the one that had fire injected up his arse) will feature in future episodes.

I haven’t read Gaiman’s book that it is based on as that’s not usually my type of thing, but I’m tempted now (not just because of the gay scene, honest).

It’s amazingly filmed with naturally filmed close-ups interwoven with apparent stop-frame animation and modern cartoon.

Amazon has clearly spent a fortune on filming it and the CGI. I’m also watching it in 4K and it is just stunning.



No spoilers Bletch.

But the ending while being not at all bad… is "unusual

Left me wondering if I did hate it after all.

Bryan Fuller the show runner has left so maybe S2 will make sense but not sure how there can be one


You just have to believe it, Phil.

Hope it works.

I had to share this clip which I found amazingly moving at the time.

It features the old god Anansi (Mr Nancy - usually appearing in the form of a spider), who has made his way onto a Dutch slave ship and gives an address to the slaves in the hold being taken to America.

The script, the delivery, the sadness of the message and the sheer beauty of the way it was captured on film I found amazing.



Not often we see anything from the Beeb down here.

But Amazon has McMafia.

What a cracking show


Fuck you Pap…

I’ve spent the past week remembering one of your posts on here.

I’m not a huge “Marvel” fan. Sure I watch the movies but hate the capeshit stuff normally.

Well anyway we had been catching up on some old stuff on DVD (Lucifer S2) and finally came back to the wtf do we watch on Netflix now.

And there it was - the trailer for Jessica Jones S2.

So we thought, meh let us try it.

And all through this weeks’ bingeing I was thinking back trying to remeber Pap’s Opus review of the show. (I can’t) so here is mine

Grown Up TV


Ocassionally circular and repetitive (just how many people can she get killed)


Occassionally horny (Trinity from the matrix doing a thing in her office)

And actually very very good.

David Tennant was inconsistent, moments of genius acting and moments of wondering whether he really shoud be speaking those lines.

But the memory I have is that Pap really enjoyed it. He was right it is good TV


@dubai_phil Jessica Jones is great. I will be catching up with the new series soon.

We really enjoyed Agatha Christie’s Innocence By Ordeal on BBC on Sunday. Two more episodes to go. They had to re-film some scenes after one of the actors was accused of rape and they held it back from the christmas viewings. The replacement is good and brooding.

If you caught last year’s The Witness for the Prosecution and 2015’s And Then There Were None you should enjoy this. If you haven’t seen either of them they’re on BBC iplayer.


It did look great visually but really, just my opinion, didn’t engage. Neil Gaiman’s stuff is mostly satirical and it’s difficult to translate that to TV. I’m not sure Amazon really tried though.


Jessica Jones S2.

Well into it now.

Still excellent. But now mid season and feel that the darkness of S1 has been replaced with a bleakness almost a depression.

More film noire/Philip Marlow feel but an edge of despair.

Not yet spoiling the show but need some light something.

But it is still excellent


I would read the book @saintbletch , the only thing is, now you’ve watched a couple of episodes every time you read Mr Wednesday’s lines you read it in Ian McShane’s voice!!

The character in the gay sex scene does turn up later in the book as well, IIRC.

There were a few American Gods follow up short stories so there may be a S2 but I doubt it.


Maybe Darkly bleak is more accurate

And excellent


I recently binge-viewed the Danish terrorist drama 'Below the Surface on iPlayer. 8 episodes, which is about perfect for me. It’s a taut drama that kept me sufficiently gripped throughout. The whole thing was plausible, although there were some ex-machina moments and one or two plot holes that I found irritating. However, overall I can highly recommend it.




Anyone remember that woeful Lost in Space movie with that bloke from friends?


Netflix has a new 10 part series reboot. Caught Ep1 tonight and it’s more interstellar than friends. Like the robot reboot. I’ sure Will Robinson will want to make me scratch my eyes out at some oint but a relaxing break from a mega Marvel TV binge…

Verdict? Not shit



This gets the SOG household seal of approval.


Has anyone watched any of Netflix’s reimagining of Lost in Space?