📺 GOOD SHOWS (no capeshit pls)

:tv: GOOD SHOWS (no capeshit pls)


Robbery, murder. Bit of buggery and plenty of ale.


Booze and Sex.


Sorry just rememered you’e getting married.

Gym and Gardening then.


Srsly Bear.

You’e gonna need to learn comfort TV.

This macho male TV is OK but the Mrs is gonna want to curl up on the sofa in her honest and way h The Crown or Romantic movies/Romcoms

You gotta find middle ground do a binge on that then you can go Star Trek or Boardwalk Empire/American Gods/The Wire for the next binge.

Hence Elementary and now Hawaii 5-0 on Prime.

One season left for this week then back to my stuff


Didnt we just go to the pub then the whorehouse in the olden days

Pretty much what i still do.


This weekend yo!

I have a worry actually. We’re getting marry in a Registry Office. How does it work with i.e the wording? I mean, on American TV there is often a thing where they choose which vows they want or even write them themselves. Is that same here, or is the vows just i.e. Standard?

I asked bird about it and she said, “Don’t worry, I’ve taken care of it.”

That makes me v.suspicious! She could have slipped all sorts of shit in there! It will be v.embarrassing if I’m stood there and the Mayor or whoever is like, “Do you Bear, promise to make your bird a cheese sandwich and give her a foot rub whenever she wants, or whatever.”


That’s a good call Bearsy…she could have slipped the Registrar a few extra notes to stitch you up with some custom wording. This is what it should be…

“I call upon these persons here present to witness that I Bearsy do take thee Cute little hunnybunch to be my lawful wedded wife. I promise to love and care for you and to be faithful to you on alternate Saturdays. ……I give you this ring-pull as a sign of our marriage, as a lasting reminder and a warning to others of the vows we are making today, and as a symbol of all that we share, now and always.”

It’s V romantic…if it deviates from that in anyway I would suspect foul play. BTW always check the small print…bring your glasses.


What we need is a thread for suggestions bearsy. I’m sure sotonians can come up with some suitable vows for both of you.


Bearsy does she still give BJ’s or did that stop after the engagement?


:lou_angry: It has become a very rare + special occassion when I get my cock sucked! When I moan about it she says, “But I don’t like it”, which seems to me entirely missing The Point.


And you are continuing with the wedding? Christmas and Birthdays if you’re lucky from now on then.

Do you still have the addresss of the Tart bar in Brum that you failed to get off in as you may become a regular :lou_lol:


As someone once commented back in my 1st marriage.

Moaning about lack of BJ’s? Well, ask yourself when you last munched on…


I refuse to put my cock where my tongue hasnt been first. PLus you get the advantage of checking it out to ensure a safe entry.


Silly goat, that was probably all covered on pearsy’s* stag do, he wants new suggestions.

*I understand from bazza this is bearsy’s new name.


Bear, you been watching mum on BBC2?

It is written by Stephen Glogowski, same as him and her. Really good.


I Have Not! But Him + Her is my Favourite so I will investigate this tks tokyos!


Most on iplayer bear but they delete one each week. I think you will love it. It is almost spin off of him and her.


This is like a sexy Tokes Bear PM convo that everyone can see and benefit from. My charity done for 2018 cept troll pap obs.


Get some mushrooms in, Tokes. I suspect the ego-disassociated version of you will be amused with the nob you are.

Worked for me :lou_wink_2:


Shit Pap has seen. Didn’t want pencil dic to enjoy charity of good Tv pic. Stick to pm from now on bear.


I think that whole micropenis thing is going better for me than it is for you.

You’ve stepped on a landmine, my haggis munching plaything. I have a lifetime’s worth of material, or about half an inch if sir prefers. You’ve got continuing opportunies to come across as an obsessed repetitive bastard.

Pray continue.

Love, Hedwig.