📺 GOOD SHOWS (no capeshit pls)

:tv: GOOD SHOWS (no capeshit pls)


I thought the same but Mikkelsen really grew on me. The second series has a whole different atmosphere and is a bit jarring at first but really quite beautiful at the same time. Stick with it :lou_smiley:


3% on Netflix

2 episodes in. Pretty good. Won’t do any spoilers



Hold the Sunset. John Cleese’s first tv comedy show since Fawlty Towers. I know that this thread is for good shows, but if you are expecting a good show, don’t watch this. Good cast but the key to a good comedy is laughs and there are precious few to be had here. I remember someone saying that Cleese is no longer funny now he has been “fixed” (gone through therapy). On this evidence this is true.


Hold fire…first episodes lay out the lie of the land and are seldom funny. Let’s hope it’s true of this one.


It can only get better! Although The Telegraph gave it a very favourable review which gives the view that it is aimed at old people some creedence.


The Telegraph knows it’s readership, over 50’s


The cast was good Alison Steadman is great as is Jason Watkins. John Cleese just plays himself. They should of played it in front of a live audience. It didn’t work as a single camera piece.



Ar Malcolm Tucker- Cunt nearly got me thrown off a flight once… was waiting for pushback and had the iPad out headphone in, Malcolm was in a huge Fuckery fuck rant when I snagged the phone cable and pulled it out so his rant including ‘cunt’ was heard by many during the safety demo including the kids sat nearby… in what to me appeared a moment of comic genius, the word cunt was pronounced with extra volume just as the chef Gordon Ramsey was doing his bit in the safety video…


Was getting worried nobody else had seen it!

Being mega critical in hindsight it kind of drew on so many images of other Blade Runner 1 Total Recall 2 feel yet was fresh put together so well.

A follow on from After Trek was a comment on how quickly big budget movie “effects”/cgi have become available to tv shows now.

Great time to be a binger


It is ten years since The Wire wrapped.

What a fucking fantastic show that was.

This Guardian piece does it more justice than Baltimore ever gave its characters.


Good recommendation, Bletch. Only watched the first two epsiodes so far but I like what I see.


Told you So!

Brilliant show to binge


Just finished watching this last night. I feel like I can now almost forgive Joel Kinnaman for his part in the Robocop debacle. I also have a lot of time for the AI character ‘Poe’, and even more time for Dichen Lachman.


Which version of himself? The one from the Life of Brian era, passionately arguing for freedom of creative expression.

Or the divorce lawyer’s punching bag that wants regulation of our free press?


The Tick on Amazon starring Peter Serafinowicz.

Adult comedy superhero nonsense but very enjoyable.


Your “adult comedy” qualifier and the fact that the Tick doesn’t actually have a cape will not slip under the radar, bletch.

@bearsy is not easily fooled. He will smell capeshit


Finished season one, and very quickly got used to Mikkelsen. What I can’t get used to is the actor who plays Will Graham. So annoying.

But the premise of the show is great and on the whole worth watching. Just wish Mr. ‘Never enough gurning facial close ups’ would fuck off.


Just finished Marcella series one (little late to it) throughly enjoyed it and kept me guessing all the way through.


I think I’m done with TV tbh. I’ve had my fill! I’ve tried watching new shows, but nothing feels new to me. I’ve seen it all! You can’t surprise me anymore, tv cunts. I know all your tricks & tropes.

Same thing happened with music around 2007. Films too.

Wonder what I’m sposed to do now. Wander round garden centres or something? How did ppl fill their time in Olden Days?