📺 GOOD SHOWS (no capeshit pls)

:tv: GOOD SHOWS (no capeshit pls)


Altered Carbon.

This is truly next generation TV. The sets are stunning and unique in the way that the original Blade Runner movie leaped out at us.

The plot is simple. Oligarch gets murdered 24 hours is missing from his memory back up. Police think it is suicide

Oligarch gets an ex agent (or terrorist) out of suspension 250 years worth. To solve his own murder.

The CGI the novel BE filming is exceptional.

And there is a he’l of a lot of nudity and shagging.

This was listed on the BBC as a game changing show.

So far after 2 episodes it is working.

Netflix of course


“The End of the F *** ing world” , It’s 8 20 min episodes, so an extended movie. On Netflix and All4 catchup. It’s great, but it does require some patience, The first episode is a bit contrived and, it’s establishing the c’ters but it’s a bit cliched. It really kicks off after that so stay with it. Also looks stunning, two scenes in particular.



Up to episode 6 of Altered Carbon and it improves each time.

Think Westworld opening credits Blade Runner Philip Marlowe maybe even Westworld.

Back stories building on back stories links and turns.

And sex. Immense amounts of sex and gore and drugs.

He’l even Ninja back lines and maybe even a homage to GoT.

Cracking Sci-fi and a ripping yarn even if a bit American Gods in knowing what is the real story.

Not to be missed


Seen all of Hard Sun now and decided it was a bit meh. Started off with an interesting premise but soon turned into a regular cop drama with no cliche left unturned. Brought to us from the guy who gave us Luther so expected more. Open ended finish so expecting another series/season.


Each season has a different story, but it’s set in one fictional world. Each one is in different timelines also. It’s really faithful to the Coens in tone. Watch Fargo, the original movie, if you like that then chances are you’ll like the tv


We have started Mr Robot and really enjoying it so far.


I haven’t seen it. There’s so much tv content.


Good. Mrs C_S still watching but I’ve given it a swerve - lost connection with the thread / theme - me rather than the story I think .


Agreed there is so much out there to watch.


Hooray! Alan partridge coming back to tv.


Great news. :lou_lol:


I’ve been off work a few days, so catching up on stuff … “Peaky Blinders” is so fucking good. I’m probably 2 years behind. The soundtrack is worth it. I’m up to season 2 so way to go.



You have much to look forward too. It gets even better. And as you say, the music is excellent!


Finished it today, it really grips you from story pov. The performances were great, aside from a few wandering accents. Tom Hardy steals every scene. It did look a BBC drama in some scenes.


I like Arthur.


Arthur the lovable psychopath :laughing:


Started Season One of Hannibal. Not sure how I feel about it. Hopkins will always be Lecter for me.


Finished series one of Altered Carbon yesterday and really enjoyed it.

Perhaps it’s because I binged it but it was completely enveloping and totally consistent.

With such a strange concept (300 years in the future where rich people don’t die and can put themselves into new bodies when their ‘sleeve’ dies) it had the potential to be really confusing.

But it was so well written and directed that these new concepts just felt natural. I never questioned what I was presented with.

The back story of the main protagonist was clever and gives a lot of room for future stories. Hope there is a series 2.

If you’ve got Netflix and enjoy Sci-Fi I’d recommend you take a look.