⛺ Glastonbury 2019

:tent: Glastonbury 2019


If Bon Jovi headlines I’ll laugh not because I think he’ll be bad as I think he’ll be amazing as he has some absolute belters for the crowd but because I wouldn’t go to festival wanting to see him headline the main slot, he’ll be brilliant tv though in the garden for singalongs!


Pearl Jam would be the one, they can’t be arsed though and Elton John for the legends but he’d want a night slot as he hasn’t played it before.

One thing is for sure they’re running out of bands with World appeal.

The Killers is a safe choice, Arctic Monkeys are famous in Sheffield.

My dream choice would have been

The Who
Pearl Jam
Fleetwood Mac

Elton John legends.




No because Vicky isnt with them or just NO?


You can do what you want :lou_is_a_flirt:


Just the whole risk of them being at the same venue as us lot. Christ, I still haven’t recovered my street cred from being BFF’s with someone from One Direction. To be accused of being at a Spice Girls gig would mean they won’t let me into Poland or Barasti ever!


Come on they let the Germans into Poland after a Russian affair surely they will let one Englishman after a Salisbury affair?


You went to see Ed Sheeran you ponce.


Muddy campsite
Horror bogs

and the spice girls???



I’d laugh my sack off seeing Pap in a field with Geri ha ha!



Think Geri is doing ok as she’s married a millionaire plus made quite a bit. Emma has a business selling nice nappies. Mel C is fairly well off so just Mel C who is scraping by on about 7 mil net worth.



I’ve posted this elsewhere, but I think it’d be massively amusing if any of these bands making money spinnin’ comeback tours sold out their shows, then announced that they weren’t going to do any of their old stuff, and instead, will play their new album in full, an experimental combo of didgeridoo and primal screaming.


Brian McFadden ex boyzone or Westside rocked up here & did just his new album.
Luckily he did advertise that and so nobody went


This could be very funny indeed, just got two returns on Virgin Atlantic for £242 each to New York, Back Street Boys, Spice Girls 4/5 and Kasabian or some “rock” band of the day.
Coldplay seem edgy…



That’s cheap!


Couldn’t believe it, got the confirmation as well!


Glastonbury needs you at the front watching the Spice Girls 4/5.