⛺ Glastonbury 2019

Yes, it is that day again. The start of the process to scramble for tickets later this year for next summer.


Before ticket information for the 2019 Festival is released, we’re asking everyone with a registration photograph over two years old to update their registration photo, as digital photo technology has improved considerably since we first introduced registration for Glastonbury tickets in 2007.

It is now easier than ever to supply a high quality photo, so if your existing registration photo is more than two years old, not of passport standard, or is no longer a good likeness [please update your photo now] to help us keep the Festival secure, and reduce waiting times for you at the Festival gates. Please ensure your updated photo is submitted by Friday 21st September 2018. Failure to provide an adequate photo may result in delayed entry to the Festival.

First job IN CASE you didn’t know is to check your registration. Just got the email this morning telling me I have until 31st September to renew my photo.

So before we start the build up and the “I didn’t get tickets” moans.

For anyone thinking of it. If you are not registered you ain’t getting a ticket even IF you get through!



Update my photo to a much nicer one yesterday. Now to see if we get tickets. But if we don’t we will have a nice holiday instead to get over the pain.
Have to say not up for all that refreshing the page stuff in a few weeks.

Wife wants to go so will try, not really that arsed as its so expensive for what it is, I heard brilliant things about the Wilderness festival this year, that and the Tolpuddle march are on the list.

Are you sure people were saying it would be good for you to go to Wilderness Festival? And not just the wilderness in general? :smiley:




Oh damn it. I will bite. It’s not really that expensive for what it is. The range of music is reasonable for the cost. There’s also loads of theatre and other activities. If you are into camping you get 5 nights included in ticket. So about £45 a day. Even on the Wednesday and Thursday there’s stuff to do, amazing fireworks etc.

If you add clamping then yeah it’s bloody expensive. But you get to shower.

Been to Tolpuddle a few times. Lovelly little rally but also there is camping and music so you can spend weekend there.

Less expensive than Download, I reckon. And I really like Download, apart from that.

My advice would be to swerve the glamping, get down and dirty and enjoy five days where you’re not planning every trip into the festival like it’s a military operation.

If my back was up to it I could defo do the camping (its what wet wipes was made for) but it’s not and 2 years ago in the mud it went again. The extra steps on fitbit are fine. I don’t mind a walk through the countryside car park and miles of tents. It’s all good exercise. If we get tickets we may try a different site anyway.

Luckily I have a mate who does campervanning. It’s only a small VW Transporter sleeps 2 at a squash but is a base and we can then stick up the 6 man tent.
That’s assuming my mate doesn’t have space at his place in Pilton
So we’ll be F5ing.
Rumours of Arctic Monkeys make that worth the effort

My other half headed to arctic monkeys gig on his own the other night. So not a big pull for me. Seen them enough.

I’d like to do the campervan route but they so damn expensive to hire that week!


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All ready to go tomorrow morning.

Last one, This is so lovely.

Great tune

Mates of the band though maybe? I wouldn’t do randoms on stage at such a gig if not headlining tbh.

Jeez. Yes they were paid actors from the local school :roll_eyes:

You wouldn’t “do randoms on stage” because you’d probably never be invited there. If not headlining either.

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Tbf you are the expert

Tbf i’m not

That’s really bad advice, folks.

My recent experience suggests having as many different network connections as possible. If your phone is on your house wifi, you’re better off putting 4G on your phone and trying separately on your computer with the wifi.

If you get to the booking screen, you should be golden, and you’d have to be a fucking imbecile not to be able to:-

  • Reject a call
  • Switch back to your browser and complete the booking

If you’re unlucky enough to get harangued by anyone on the phone, PPI callers included, on the phone.

Not having a go at you, @Polski_Filip. I just want y’all to get tickets. That’s why I’ve replied here and not on that random’s tweet :slight_smile:

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Cheers Pap
It was at least something to post to reactivate this thread :slight_smile:

Had a a panic, had to run to the Mall to do a cash transfer because something had gone wrong with a payment - arrgh. Luckily avoided a traffic snarl up and back in time.

There will be 6 of us trying from UK Spain and here. We will do our best.
I’m taking a flyer, may be employed then, may not. Depends on how the next 2 weeks go with our investors. It all seems fine at the moment. Mrs D_P is ducking out this year however.

Good luck everyone. Only time I’ve actually got through were on a resale International Phone line and from the shittiest WiFi ever in an AirBNB in Krakow. Not expecting miracles. But have to try.