⛺ Glastonbury 2019

:tent: Glastonbury 2019


Hmm. It didn’t need me to go see Coldplay, or Radiohead, both of which I swerved for other acts. There’s something for everyone. You just don’t know how big it is. You are talking out of your arse.

Enjoy New York, though :smiley: x


Is it worth letting Bazza know he’s gonna gave to pay £200 for the checked baggage after his Mrs has shopped?
Remember Baz, Century 21. If it’s good enough for Sex & the City krew it’s good enough for you.


Stormzy then.
Wonder who’ll be on Other Stage?


Now this WAS Peak Glasto
The full Wombles set. It was bonkers and brilliant


Kylie looks nailed on for the Legend slot.


I’d be happy to see her there.


Maybe they ought to get this guy to headline?



I hear she’s rather good at the old being “nailed” bit.


1st date gig with the future Mrs D_P here in Dubai an age ago.
A great show, million costume changes and we sang every danced song.
Won’t be a Barry Gibb moment but wouldn’t miss it



Fine with that.


I’m just waiting for the @Barry-Sanchez outburst


He’s probably down the gym. 8 Bloomingdales bags in each hand isn’t going to be easy.


Grime’s not edgy. You want to listen to skiffle, yis bastards!
Barry “Shoeshop” Sanchez, 2018




I had intended to catch Stormzy last year but he clashed with Solange. I thought I’d check her out on West Holts and would have better chance of catching him another time. Seems I will.
Did see Boy Better Know last year. A grime collective by Jme and Skepta. This has helped me be a bit “down with the kids” at work. Thoroughly enjoyed watching those who missed Sheeran go pretty wild for their set. Maybe not my usual thing but Glastonbury can be the place to try new stuff.
Gotta say I thought BBK were pretty edgy.


So will Sheeran guest with Stormzy?


There’s edgy and there’s edgy:


Sellout stormzy, he’ll be accepting a knighthood next and wearing glasses on newsnight…