⛺ Glastonbury 2019

:tent: Glastonbury 2019


Oh I thought people squat on the toilet and shit behind the bowl in the long drops? And men just piss all over the seat.


Oi, potty mouth! I thought you brought a bit of civility to the site. You’ve changed @Intiniki



The smart men never go near one.
There’s a whole valley of choice, if you’re imaginative :blush:


I wish all men would not use the long drops then they’d be a bit cleaner.


I shocked myself there too.


Nana will be edgy. As nerve wracking as watching Amy Winehouse & Pete Doherty & wondering if they’d make it through to the end of the set…

Too soon?


I take it you’ve never been.

They’ll turf you out for that.


Good point! - that is a job Bazza could have done - get in free, have a nice camping spot and walk around all day with a whistle telling people what to do.

He could have got a lot of references from here.
He could even have signed up for the raking over old issues job.



But seriously

First outing for this web site.


Fat Boy Slim seems edgy enough :roll_eyes:

Would I go see Kendrick Lamaar? Hmmm


Of course i’ve been(although not this century).
I found that if you take enough drink and drugs, you can go 5 days without a shit.
I have never been near a chemical capper at festival, i’d rather shit myself than go within 20 yards of one. Thankfully the drugs negated the need.
Would probably kill me if i tried it now admittedly :grin:


I’d love to see Pap try and spin that shite.


Likewise, i went half a dozen times during the 80s, we used to drive down on the Thursday, drive into the main arena, park the car on the brow overlooking the Pyramid stage and pitch the tent beside it. Those were the days! In those days there was a proper toilet block in a farm building by the farmhouse, there was a bit of a queue after about 9 am but if you got up early enough and went up there you could have the morning constitutional in relatively civilized comfort. I didn’t go near the long drops, i’m sure they are a bit better these days but back then they really were disgusting. And of course nobody used them just to take a leak.

What sort of drink and drugs were you on that stopped you having a shit for 5 days? You could have made a fortune flogging them!


There isn’t one confirmed act on that list, just ‘rumour’, ‘strong rumour’ and ‘to be confirmed’. What a load of pointless bollocks, we could all do that, set up a website, pull a load of acts from out of our arse and away we go. I have to agree, there is not much listed there that i would get out of my sleeping bag for.


It does track rumours and gradually they go from rumour to TBC to confirmed. Best site I found


A tad sensitive, did you want A-Ha?


Now yer talking proper bands Bazza


Codeine slows things down for some.


Most of the usuals(no opioids) and some dubious looking pills(no idea). I do remember the first morning getting a bottle of Thunderbirds and a couple of lines for my Breakfast. Seemed like a good idea at the time. The whole 5 days kind of blended into one long drink/drug/music session.
Think my daughter is going with her mates. I’ll write them a list :grin:



The Jam Council !!

But seriously…the Jam every single day of the week…