⛺ Glastonbury 2019

:tent: Glastonbury 2019


You could just go to New York and try cheering Bazza up whilst his Mrs spends the GDP of a small country.


A weekend in NYC with Bazza or the joy of the long drops for 6 days.
No contest…



Meh. Make general plan A, with mate’s lawn as backup if it all goes wets up.


Already on it. The boys meeting next week to do a Tent check to see which one/whether it is still waterproof ect so they can replace if necessary during the winter sales when that shit is cheap as chips.
Also testing out the big wheeled “trolley/wheelbarrow” thing.


You just all enjoy Kasabian and Arcade Fire…


These rumours will get Bazza all excited…

Bon Jovi

Nana Mouskouri

Deffo watch either of them instead of Kasabian



BANANA MOUSSAKA !! Now even I’d be tempted to go and see her. :lou_lol:


That is edgy…


On The Park stage maybe, but not enough sing-a-long classics for a Main Stage :slight_smile:

Dolly Parton doing a Bon Jovi song with Richie Sambora, now THAT was edgy.

As were The Wombles of course.


What is edgy? BBK, Skepta, Stormzy? All the stuff over in Block 9, unfair ground and shangri-la?


Edgy? For Barry?

That’d be Bernie Winters with a dog other than Schnorbitz.


He’ll be doing the legends slot soon, the age group there will relate.


Speaking of festivals, Download just dropped its headliners.

Def Leppard are on. They’re playing Hysteria (1987) in full. It’s really not my cup of tea any more, but at least @Barry-Sanchez has a chance of knowing all of the songs.


She’s 84…!


Cannot read second link due to EU’s meddling.

Can’t be arsed firing up the VPN to read an article on Nana Mouskouri.


So, adding the age problem would make it one hell of an edgy headliner, right?
I say go for it, just to see Barry scrambling for black market tickets :smile:


Sorry I was getting them mixed up… BANANA MOUSSAKA is 38. :lou_wink_2:


Well have none of that Brexit nonsense here thank you. You have your own thread for that. We’re just getting started on betting whether she’ll come on with a Zimmer frame or on a mobility scooter…


EDIT Pilfered from FB. And shurrup @Cobham-Saint :smiley:



That yoga is paying off for bletch.