⛺ Glastonbury 2019

:tent: Glastonbury 2019


Are we running the 'cheaper than Glasto" tally sheet?


I’ll piss myself laughing if Stormzy headlines.


From the tales of 90 minute check ins at the Sheraton you’ll be pissing yourself anyway.


Its not that bad, they’d have a toilet in the foyer I’d imagine.


Sheraton Times Square? Does the reservation come with a marker pen for you to write “tourist - scam me” on your forehead?

Hotel is a short stay tourist trap. Mate of mine got put up there while doing a work secondment. Drove him mad. I got an apartment in a hotel in lower east side instead for way less. Less grandiose but clean though maybe rough and ready - but cheap, safe and more edgy.

PM me people if you want details / or my recommendations

NY - My kinda town.


The wife wants central NY for her 40th, edgy for me and I’ve done this is Buffalo bus terminal at 0200am and that is not for the faint hearted.


Well if you’re staying at Times aSquare it’s only a short walkbdown to the Port Authority Bus Terminal - the only place I know where you can openly sell drugs in front of armed cops.

There’s a great Pizza place (Capizzi I think) in Hells Kitchen area just down the road. Go there.


You trying to get him shot? That’s a gang only area.


Hells Kitchen? Now I’m jealous.
Can you get me a signed Jessica Jones poster Bazza?


No it’s not


I did note that Fleetwood Mac tickets for Wembley broke records at £174 odd.
Probably why they won’t be at Glasto


Sotonians. Come for the unrequited promise of football. Stay for the ultra relevant Glastonbury news.


Joking Cob. I should have put a :grin: at the end.
Food choice is great in NY


Who’s Jessica Jones Phil?


A mate of Matt Murdoch


More confusion. I’ll stop asking now.


No worries- didn’t finish my post anyway as I had a call. Think I’ll leave it as is



Didn’t get Campervan tickets

Lots of grovelling needed now with my mate to get access to his front lawn


Get into general camping you big tart. You can join the big pap camp *

* run by ms pap


That is obviously the back up plan - as I pointed out to the lads, it may mean we FINALLY last long enough inside the fence to make it to one of the night - time rave things (Mud permitting)