⛺ Glastonbury 2019

:tent: Glastonbury 2019


It is time.
So, for the cost of the ticket, and to annoy Bazza, who is the one act that you wish you could see on that Pyramid stage that would make you die happy?
For me?
Fleetwood Mac with or without Lindsey Buckingham.
Anyone else?





Ooh, does @Dubai_Phil get his money back with no Fleetwood Mac?


Ah well guys, U2, Kasabian and Coldplay beckons…

Newww Yaaaaaarrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkk, Nnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww Yarrrrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


When you work out that the number of bands we see over 3+1 days works out at about £15 A gig and that the only big gigs announced down here this winter so far are James & Brian McFadden at roughly £38 each A ticket I don’t care who headlines. Never have done.
Fleetwood Mac is about the only real band from my youth left on my. Bucket list. (Nile Rodgers & Barry Gibb kinda hit the spot in 2016
Although I would love to see Hall & Oates
Tbh have often missed Sunday night at Pyramid for smaller stages over the years and also loved bands/gigs I thought I’d hate - Jayzee being one of them


OK, I admit it, I would happily now watch either of Bradley Cooper or Gaga just singing the soundtrack from A Star is Born in somewhere like Avalon or the Park.

I saw Gaga’s break through set on the Other Stage aeons ago and it was one of the best sets I’ve seen at Glasto - a true moment, but had never realised just how damned good her voice truly is on “proper” Power Ballad stuff.

Sneaking feeling Bradley may pop up somewhere this year


I caught her early on at V festival in a tent. She was alright.


If any one is searching for the prefect example of the expression, “damned by feint praise”…I think we have it here. :lou_wink_2:


Go see the film Niki. Take tissues. It is wonderful & I’d love to see them sing this live


I didn’t cry at Ghost when all the other women in the cinema were balling, so not sure about this getting me to blub.


Ghost made me cry. Just not in the way intended.


Did it make a bald man cry tho?


Just discovered that the duty week at work falls on the Glastonbury week. The manager doesn’t like us taking that time off (although he is off for 2 of them in the summer). We have a duty week every 4th week so you can imagine it’s a bit difficult if we aren’t encouraged to take those weeks off.
Anyway I will book it regardless and hope I’m in another job by then.


Pull a fucking sickie FFS.

Probably best to leave the camera at home in this snooping day and age :smiley:


I’d recommend a burner phone and a secondary gmail address if an Android user :wink:
I had a similar one at the Ryder Cup. Obviously the entire fucking planet knew I was going.
On the Sunday morning I get an email from work. “I need this excel filled in before 16:00 tonight”…
The conversation was one sided, the boss tried the “future of the company is tied to it”.
It got done on Monday night.
We’re still going.


Sheraton, New York booked, Fleetwood Mac are around that time, why aren’t they doing Glastonbury?

Kasabian, Stomrzy and Arcade Fire it is then, belter…


Sounds just like Pilton Farm:
“Switched rooms three times. Each smelt like a dirty gym bag. Was going to go to a new hotel but they put me in a more updated part of the hotel. Still smelt but not as horrible. Will never stay here again or recommend it.”


How far is Pilton Farm from central park?


Dunno, but I think it’ll be too far for you to do your dad dancing to Stormzy.