⛺ Glastonbury 2019

:tent: Glastonbury 2019


I probably went to Glastonbury and the Dell long before you did.


Keep them coming, Barry. They’re delicious.


Edgy that Pap, how much are the sundries? Transport? Ale? It’ll near a bag of sand I bet you, people I know did that last time round.


What are you blathering on about?


We have between 4 & 6 each year. 1 is a campervan owner. We use that, the awning and a fuck off tent. We spend about £60 between us in Lidl on food for full basic English each day and have simple munchies in the evening When we used the Campervan ticket it costs between £15 & 25 each. We eat one meal a day inside about £10. I love the pulled pork in yorkshire pudding fish n chips and beef & stilton pasties. We don’t get drunk as we are there to listen/experience concerts not stand in line for a piss. But we do have 3 or 4 ales/ciders during the day. The fridge is gas powered. Careful use of electrics some solar powerbanks etc means we can charge phones overnight
We have all acquired waterproof kit over many years and camping chairs. A Poundland umbrella & rain poncho means we never get wet. The mud is solved with a hiking stick and planning and often leads to giving up a big name gig and finding a magic Glasto moment in the wrong place at the right time.
Waking at 7am in campervan land means you also have clean portaloos, a well planned supply of water means we have a portable camping shower or just a flannel wash when needed. Breakfast of bacon eggs sausage tomatoes and toast with juice & coffee. If we feel frivolous we grab fresh hot donuts mid morning
It doesn’t HAVE to be medieval with a bit of thought.
Last 2 trips have been epic helped by staying in Pilton on my mates lawn we cook him full English in his kitchen each day as payment. We plan camper park next year - will see


We don’t get drunk when we are there? Even the lads I knew who worked there on the burger fans were well on it, the musical experience? I thought Glastonbury was the experience not the music which acoustically will be shite.


These are the bits I have an issue with - I have got too used to creature comforts, like roofs, hot and cold running water, not having to catch a ferry to cross the piss lake to have a dump.


At Glasto.
Don’t give a shit about some burger van bloke


I do, they were good burgers.


Yeah, but they’re unlikely to be as planned up as we are.

Festivals get cheaper over time as you suss out how to do them, especially Glastonbury. If your little friends were paying £3 for a cup of tea, £8 a meal and £6 a drink, yes, I can imagine how they’d easily do a grand.


You calling someone little is the height of irony…


Equally it is something for everyone. Last year the students in our group were staggering into camp for breakfast having been at the all night dance fields. As were some of my mates 50+ farmer pals who were sharing the lawn.
We prefer to watch the gigs from midday to midnight The Prodigy was more than enough for my lifetime of Dad Mud dancing. Early starts have meant seeing the likes of Tony Christie, Status Quo and Seasick Steve who would never be on my list to watch. This year we do plan one late gig. Maybe Fat boy Slim again or something he’ll even Pete Tong, he rocked in a 1pm slot I found me while looking to get out of a storm one year as did La Roux who followed him





This unfortunate gentleman is waiting for a ticket, he is still classed as too young for Glastonbury and to get in line just in front of Keith Richards.



I love cheese so yes.



On the plus side I do like Century 21 and City Crabs.
But not on a Glasto budget