⛺ Glastonbury 2019

:tent: Glastonbury 2019


To steal one of your phrases, Mrs Baz is on the money


She’ll feel like she’s the mum of most of the attendees…



Can’t argue with that, as we all age better the demographic will change but we are whether we like to admit it or not are shutting out the younger crowd, did 50 something’s turn at the original en masse? It has to be a mix and it has to be driven for the younger crowd otherwise its staid.


So Glastonbury is too middle aged/class but Baz wants to go to Alex james’ cheese fest. Lol.


I don’t, the wife does, I want to go to Reading.


Which means we’ll go to the cheese festival.


Well, the missus did point out that just whipping off on a New York trip because you didn’t get tickets for Glastonbury was probably a little bit more middle class than going to Glastonbury.


Is it bollocks, for a 40th? Glastonbury is the height of middle aged disposable income.
Like Brexit, denying youth a good time…


I think I’m with ms pap on this one, Bazza.

Just look at the hoops one has to jump through to get to New York. Not only is it a greater cost, but you also have to clear the ESTA system, which means no edgy people with criminal records.


New York will be cheaper than Glastonbury, by quite a bit.


Ah you mean your Glamping version of Glasto would be more expensive than NYC…


No, transport, tickets, food, drink, you can get a weekend in New York with flights £500-£600 each. How much will Glastonbury cost per person?


£380 -450 max


Does that also include food, paying for shows, drinks, transport whilst there etc. etc.


Utterly delighted not to be going - did the festival thing many years ago (when I was young and knew no better) - have no desire to stand in mud and rain, lay on the hard (soggy) ground and use the communal cess pits.

Recently to my horror, he Ayatollah got it into her head that she wanted to do the festival thing, so as a taster we went to victorious this year and as we sat in a friends kitchen getting shitfaced watching the rain pour down on the Sunday, I said to her if this was Glastonbury, we would be stuck out in this with two hundred thousand other muddy urchins.

Funnily enough I haven’t heard much since on the festival topic.


£250 for a ticket, beer, food and other sundries?
Are you a nun?


Of course not. You do have to pay for your own food and drink at Glastonbury.

But every bit of entertainment is free once you’re inside the festival. If you planned it correctly, and we’re planning to, you can go the festival and not spend anything once there.


It’ll be about £1000 each for Glastonbury and about the same or less for New York for 2 people.


That’ll be a blast, sarnies 4 days old…


Shut up Barry. It’s £250 per ticket, plus the cost of food and transport. Literally every other festival is going to prevent you from taking that shit in, and forcing you to pay around £6 a pint.

It’s still lovely to know that experience, or lack of, doesn’t prevent you from commenting on experiences, or lack of.


Yeah, eating wouldn’t be big on my agenda there, Bazza.