⛺ Glastonbury 2019

:tent: Glastonbury 2019


To F5 or to auto refresh. That is the question


And we is going to Glastonbury. Successful connection was VPNing into London.


Boom. Our wonky Wifi man in Spain got through!!


About ten minutes before, I had the notion of finding out where the ticket server was. It was in London, so I thought, ok, I’ll just park my network presence there. Quick VPN in, got through to the queueing page every single time. About ten minutes in, the Glastonbury logo pops up. Happy days.

Basically, instead of having my traffic begin in Liverpool, it began in London instead. Reckon that made the difference.

I am proud that knowledge of computing has won me temporary hero status with the family, to be revoked the next time I open my mouth and say something.


I tried a VPN but with the rules down here they are not good routes unless you cn get on a Company Account Network.

Also because everything here has to go through the local proxy server, I have never actually been able to get onto the site from here.

It was just like 2 years ago. I had been on a stag and totally forgot about the sale with the hangover in the morning and just got a message at 09:12 to say one of the gang on holiday in Scotland had got them.

I just reached acceptance that we weren’t going and Boom in came the Whats App message.


I’m in London and didn’t get through once. Not even close.



I am very sorry to hear that, @KRG. We could have made unrequited plans to meet up, only for one or both of us to be too messed up to think properly on the day.

Your Glasto luck has been bollocks lately. Want to come to Download? That never sells out :smiley:


We are in (confirmation email pending). Got via partner’s tablet on wifi. We just got them before the sold out page came up. The payment section froze once which was quite frustrating.

Right we can play who do we think will headline game.


I’m fairly confident I’ll get there, one way or another.

I know someone who is pretty involved with a charity that do stuff with Glasto. He can usually get tickets through them, I might have to be a dick and see if he can hook me up.

There’s always a way.


We’ve been surprised at getting tickets in the re-sale twice after failing in October. So it’s worth a go.




We tried and failed, I’m quite smug as well as its more middle aged each year and about as edgy as a buttering knife, New York for the wifes 40th instead, pleased.



There is much bitterness amongst the disappointment. I’ve just been over on Glasto Chat, a Facebook group.

One rich disappointed lady, obviously upset that a prole with £50 has gazumped her to her Glastonbury residence, suggested abolishing the deposit scheme and making everybody pay up front.

Another person that got lucky simply posted:-

“Thank you ticket gods”

Someone immediately replies “Cunt”.

There’s some sharp talk out there atm. Cover your eyes, Chapel Kate.


yeah the official facebook page thread is a lot of disappointment. Saw someone mention touts having bought up loads. Sigh.
As it seems to be luck, why not have a random ballot with a time limit to buy up to 6 tickets. At least then I could have a lay in some years when I haven’t got the chance to buy them.


I 50/50, sad for my wife who really wanted to go but also made up as its for tourists and isn’t relevant to me in anyway really, that said I wouldn’t turn down the chance to go again but I’m not really arsed, New York and a festival will still be done, trying to talk he into Reading but she is having none of it.


As you’d imagine, I’m very happy to have secured tickets. Your performance today has been a lovely bonus. After years of saying that Glastonbury is too middle class and not edgy enough, you’re now admitting that you went for tickets yourself.

Straight back on track after failing to get them, though, with a new one to boot. “Fuck youse ticket holders anyway. I’ll be in New York, yis cunts”. Y’know, most people would just go to another festival. To be fair though, skyscrapers are pretty edgy. You’ll see plenty of them as Mrs Baz drags your arse through Manhattan buying shoes.


Wife wanted to go for her 40th, I was 50/50, I am not gutted in the slightest, we will go to a festival, it’ll probably be Kendal calling, wilderness festival or Alex James cheese lark, I again would rather do Reading.

Whether you like it or not its mainstream and middle class and full of old people like you and me, I have also always said it should be 75% under 30 and the rest going to ballot.

Go and check.


I’m easy. I’m pleased that it won’t be Ed Sheeran. I really hope the Madonna rumours are true. I think she’d put on one hell of a show. I just hope they put someone I like on the Pyramid on Sunday night. Not been to one yet.


The only year I saw all 3 headliners was my first year. 2011. Then I realised I could go see something better instead.
Madonna would be cool. The Cure are doing a lot of headlining sets at festivals next year which may mean there not there but I’d quite like that.