⛺ Glastonbury 2019

:tent: Glastonbury 2019


Nice comfort blanket, will you be taking that?


It’s about right though. I never once saw a “headline act” as there was always more interesting stuff going on.
Try it one year, it’s fun.


It’s why I like the smaller festivals. Big name bands are usually a let down. Discovering something obscure in a weird little tent with a couple of hundred people watching is much more fun. All the weirdness, none of the hassle.


That’s why I love Glastonbury, you can get away from the bigger stages and roam for hours through the other fields and stumble upon something wonderful and new in an obscure tent with only a few hundred people there.
The Comedy Tent, The Circus Tent. On my 1st Glasto we dived into the Pussy Parleure to get out the rain and spent a brilliant 45 minutes listening to a superb Ska Band from Bristol, Another day another shower and saw La Roux then Pete Tong ffs.
Then of course the legend that is Don Cavani on the Park Stage was an hour we will never forget, dancing in paper beer mugs on the drying grass to The Bellowheads one Sunday afternoon.
Will Young of all people knocking it out of the Avalon Tent, and of course one of THE great Glasto moments at Avalon.
The Wombles


Sleeping bag and a tent, mate.

A comfort blanket would get in the way. I imagine that you’ll be able to use one to make a seat on the top of that big pile of shoes. You can sit on the top pretending you’re watching the action on the telly from Worthy Farm.


I take my king size duvet so I can be nice and warm once I eventually get back to the tent after watching all manner of acts some of which aren’t on the pyramid stage.


Last few Glasto’s I’ve found a nice hot shower, followed by a bottle of Chateau Margeux before curling up under the Goose Down quilt in the 4 poster bed is a relaxing way to come down to earth after a rocking night at Arcadia


Not very edgy of us Phil.


I sleep on the edge of that bed…


It’s edgier than sitting in your front room trying to catch a bit of the action through a pile of your wife’s very expensive shoes and a credit card bill the size of a 1980s phonebook :smiley:


Kylie for the legend slot. I’m happy with that. Be better than the Paul Simon I sat through the first year.


It’ll be a great sing a long which is what that slot is for.



Fuckin’ sensational back in 2011…


Here you go Bazza

Free admission to Glasto for you. Just sign up.
We’ll come wave at you at the long drop.

But seriously, a pal did volunteer one year doing traffic control had 6 days on site 8 hour shifts saw 2.5 days of full concerts for free.
Froze to death sitting in the rain at 4am mind but hey


We have a house party over Glastonbury but this year we’re having it later so we can fully watch it (get pissed) over the 3 days, very happy with that arrangement.


Lots of chatter about Janet Jackson. Not very Reputable tabloid is apparently all over that.


Yay! Been !!!


Not listened to it.


Don’t bother @Intiniki

Got to 37 seconds in and found that it’s an “unofficial” Glastonbury podcast, they’re all wacky and they’ll be talking about what to take to Glastonbury.

Ffs - it’s in a field and unless you are @Polski_Filip glamping you’re gonna need a tent. You’ll suffer from voluntary constipation because you won’t want to use the crappers & food and drink will bankrupt you.

An A4 flyer would have done not a half hour pod cast (one of a series)

Ffs Media Studies degrees have a lot to answer for…