⛺ Glastonbury 2019

:tent: Glastonbury 2019


Oooh could you imagine Special Guest Park Stage being Dylan rather than Elbow last time.
Now THAT would be a moment.



I wouldn’t go and see the Beach Boys if they are at Glasto unless you want to see what appears to be a vulnerable adult being pushed out onto a stage, sat behind a piano he doesn’t play who only sings a few things. Whilst everyone else plays around him. It was one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever seen on stage ever and we walked away. It’s really not bucket list.


It might be his bucket list item to do Glastonbury though.

Stop being ageist / mentalist* @Intiniki

*is that a thing even?


Think he’s played there a few times.
Not being ageist, seen loads of oldies playing. They all appeared to be up for it and not struggling. We watched a documentary about him recently and considering his history you wonder how much say he has.


I agree - can’t argue- not that I would / should tbf. It’s quite sad really.


Me and my mates were thrilled to see him at the RFH but that was 16 years ago. Even then everyone was willing him on…today I’d rather not be party to a public therapy session.


To be fair i don’t think he ever got over his encounter with Charlie Manson. Who would?



Sometimes it feels like we need to just start from scratch again.


Dick and Dom (don’t ask me I don’t know) are starting a new festival on the IoW next year, in a secret location no less.


Wow…brings it all flooding back for me now…Bob Dylan…Jimi Hendrix…Dick and Dom. :lou_lol::+1:


how edgy are they?


They must be really, really edgy because I have no idea who the fuck they are ¯\(ツ)


arent they that pair of cunts from children tv?


Why are you asking me? I have no clue


More sticky than edgy.

They’re the ones that used to shout “bogies” in a public place.


No way am I putting in for tickets, you’ll hear me laughing from my patio is Geri comes out in her UK top.


Barry, love. You already did put in for tickets.

When you failed to get them, you essentially said, “fuck yoos guys, I am taking the missus to New York instead”, implying that while we were stuck in a muddy field, you would be shoe-shopping in Manhattan.

We have since learned that you’re not actually going in June, and will be watching Glastonbury from the comfort of your sofa complaining that it isn’t edgy enough, and that Reading, featuring last Glasto’s Saturday night headliner (originally supposed to play in 2015) is really where it’s at.


If I were arsed but I’m not I’d put in for tickets again, I can’t stop laughing at the line up, I’ll happily wait for another year, I got lucky, Wilderness or Kendal Calling are distinct possibilities.


What line up? As far as I’m aware, the only acts to have been confirmed are Stormzy and Hacienda Classical.

I think Kylie can be considered a strong possibility for the legends slot, but she won’t be headlining.

Even if your schadenfreude wet dream pops off and the Spice Girls are headlining the Pyramid, there are ten or eleven other stages you could be at, scores of other entertainment venues including bars, nightclubs, raves or comedy gigs. Or you could just be sat getting smashed at your tent. Which many people do.

It’s five days of entertainment, three with bands, all under the steam of your own intoxicating substances, involving a quarter of a million people and some very variable weather.

Sure, people aren’t robbing tents as much anymore, or stabbing people for not paying the tunnel toll, but that’s an edge I think most people could do without. We continue to live with the long drops.