⛺ Glastonbury 2019

:tent: Glastonbury 2019


Ooh. Foo Fighters.

Reading and Leeds did very well to get such an edgy act.

Bet they’ve never played Glastonbury.


Reading are outraged Stromzy isn’t doing a number there…


He and Eavis have just done a number on Glastonbury…


Are they more upset about that than getting the Glastonbury 2017 headliner?


So Stormzy confirmed, Macca, The Cure strong rumours

Nothing leaps out from the latest rumours unless…

Nah won’t happen… Could it? They aren’t normally in the same hemisphere let alone the same farm…


Although the Beach Boys would be a bucket list


Stormzy, Paul McCartney and the Cure would be hilarious, the newer crowd wanting edgy would be best to nip out to JRM’s pad nearby for something more daring…



I won’t even bother going in for the resale, if thats true its proper shite, I’d rather wear high heels for the whole weekend than see that shite.


Probably best placed on the Trans thread maybe?



Kind of agree with you Baz, but then they could equally appear on The Other Stage.


One feels the deflector shields are going to be fully powered and all in full working order if announced.

“Glasto isn’t and has never really been about the main acts, I want something edgy from a band that plays Ave Maria with their foreskins…”


The other stage, more like another town would help the festival.


The TV audience for Macca & Cure will be massive. tbh I normally only see 2 Pyramid headlines each time I go, I regret missing Beyonce for Queens of the Stone Age who were a bit too edgy for me, missed Blur (I think it was) for The Prodigy which was one of the best gigs I’ve seen

So perhaps more sensible would be I could appear at the Other Stage for Stormzy but then seeing as he is going to be the next big thing ever do I want to miss his breakthrough moment.
These are the joys of Glasto, decisions.
Nothing ever goes to plan!

Can’t wait, anything is better than another night in watching Netflix and Mrs D_P isn’t coming so I can behave my age for once!


OK, I was on the University bus between campuses the other day and there were 2 students behind me discussing music and bands, they were generally discussing 80s bands, including the Cure, and what other 80s bands they should listen to.

I think the Cure would be mainstream for Glastonbury these days.


I like the cure but this is the Southampton of Glastonburys, a gamble like Stormzy, a legend like Macca being Keegan but Keegan at Macca’s age and the Cure well what the fuck are they doing topping the bill?

Thats desperate shit.
Macca on the legends slot and the other 2 main stage day time Sat/Sun.


I do hope Hacienda Classical get confirmed, they played here at Dubai Opera this weekend lot of pals went and danced themselves into stupor.
That’ll be the way to spend a Saturday afternoon by the Cider Bus
It cost the guys £80 For a 90 minute concert btw


Why would you even be thinking of a resale when you’re off to New York?


Because Glastonbury isn’t in April.


OK that’s edgy

So is this.
(mind you I saw Snow Patrol here 7 years ago and they were fvcking superb)

Now in its 17th year, Dubai International Jazz Festival is the most popular and most awarded music festival in the Middle East.

20th February 2019: Snow Patrol will return to the UAE for the first time in seven years! Performing such hits as Run, Open Your Eyes & of course Chasing Cars!

21st February 2019: Jay Kay and his gang are set to bring Brit funk and jazz back to Dubai as Jamiroquai will headline night #2 at Dubai International Jazz Festival 17th Edition.

Get your tickets now from www.dubaijazzfest.com and all UAE Virgin Megastores!


Almost certainly means that both of them are not going to be headlining Glastonbury. The Hyde Park mob tend to tie their acts into exclusive headline arrangements, which is the main reason that the Killers ended up playing a secret set at the John Peel in 2017.

Brandon Flowers bitched about his berth at the time. Was never Glasto’s fault.